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MEDRC Water Research organized a technical workshop on “Latest Water Treatment Technologies: Improvements in Membrane Elements” at its headquarters last January 17th. Three distinguished speakers joined us from Belgium, Singapore and Cyprus for presentations on the following topics:
  1. “Produced Water Treatment by Membranes”, Ms. Inge Genné, Leader of Water4Nanotechnologies working group at the European platform WssTP and project manager at VITO
  2. “Use of the Next Generation of Membranes in Desalination by Forward Osmosis FO/ Reverse Osmosis RO and Wastewater Treatment”, Mr. Mark Perry, VP of BD & Sales, Aquaporin Asia Pte. Ltd.
  3. “Pretreatment Cartridges & Filters and how they increase the Membranes lifetime with case studies from Dhekelia Desalination Plant in Cyprus”, Ms. Olga Sallangos, Plant Manager
The workshop helped highlight how the development of synthetic membranes has helped in solving many problems related to water demand and water disposal. But it’s not only in desalination where membrane-based technology is applied. Wastewater reclamation; water purification for food manufacturing; and increasingly, energy generation also require highly efficient and durable membranes. READ MORE
Oman: 10 desalination plants to be in operation by 2020
BP Oman’s Social Investment Programme has joined hands with MEDRC Water Research to deliver a capacity building programme (Tahlya) in reverse osmosis desalination to fresh Omani graduates. Tahlya will be launched officially next February 6th at MEDRC premises with the presence of BP representatives and Oman water sector stakeholders. READ MORE

Oman: Unsafe disposal of brine imperils Batinah farms
The Middle East Desalination Research Centre (MEDRC) is warning that the unregulated disposal of brine — a byproduct of widespread brackish groundwater desalination activities being pursued by large farmers along the Batinah plain — has the potential to adversely impact agricultural farming in this region.  READ MORE
Oman environment: Encourage individuals to shift to renewable energy
Best way to increase renewable energy’s footprint in Oman is by encouraging individuals to install gadgets to harness these energy resources, according to an official at The Research Council (TRC). Commenting on the future of renewable energy in Oman, Dr. Ahmed Al Busaidi, programme manager of renewable energy research at TRC, said the implementation must start at a low scale, in small residential buildings and then turn to large scale use. READ MORE
Oman: Muscat Water completes desalination plant in Qurayat
The plant will produce 8,000 cubic metres of desalinated water per day for supplying potable water to Qurayat and nearby villages, according to a company release. Muscat Water had won the contract to build, own and operate a temporary desalination plant in Qurayat and Asselah through Oman Power and Water Procurement Company, a member of Nama Group, the sole procurer of all new power generation and water desalination capacity in the Sultanate, through a tendering process. READ MORE
Oman: Sultanate’s first solar salt refinery set for Q3 launch
The Sultanate’s first salt refinery is currently under construction at Ras Bantoot near Duqm on Oman’s Wusta coast. Well-known oil and gas services Al Ghalbi International Engineering & Contracting LLC (GIE) is investing in excess of RO 10 million in the establishment of a 135,000 metric tonnes (MT) per annum capacity plant. READ MORE
Oman: OPWP to develop three desalination projects
Oman Power and Water Procurement Company (OPWP) plans to develop Independent Water Projects (IWPs), which will together add 240,000 cu m per day of new domestic water capacity. The projects at Salalah, Sharqiyah and Duqm represent the single largest procurement of water desalination capacity. The largest of the three IWPs is planned in Salalah with a 100,000 cu m per day capacity. READ MORE
Palestine: EU & UNICEF inaugurated Gaza's largest seawater desalination plant
On January 19th, 2017 the European Union (EU) and UNICEF officially inaugurated the largest seawater desalination plant built in the Gaza Strip so far. The €10 million plant, funded by the EU, has the capacity of producing 6,000 m3 of potable water daily to provide around 75,000 Palestinians with safe drinking water in the southern Gaza Strip—about 35,000 people in Khan Younis and 40,000 people in Rafah. READ MORE

Jordan: Swedish-Jordanian plant to produce Ferric Chloride for water treatment
The Swedish Jordanian Chemicals Company (SJCC) has announced the launch of a $4 million investment in Jordan. The venture will bring into operation “a state-of-the-art plant” patented by SJCC and built and operated by Jordanian expertise to produce Ferric Chloride (FeCl3), used in water and wastewater treatment and desalination, according to an SJCC statement. READ MORE

Jordan: Suez and Mitsubishi on shortlist for Red Sea Dead Sea project
Jordan's Water and Irrigation Ministry has shortlisted five consortia to submit definitive bids for phase one of the Red Sea Dead Sea project. They are: CNTIC Consortium (China National Technical Import & Export Corporation); Hutchison Water International Holdings; Korea Water Resources Corporation; Mitsubishi Corporation; and Suez International SAS. READ MORE

Jordan: Overview of Sludge Management and Potential for Biosolids Land Application
Despite the presence of a legislative framework to regulate the land application of biosolids, it has not been implemented. In 2009 and subsequently in 2011, instructions were issued banning the production and use of organic fertilizers from materials originating from WWTPs. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that authorities are currently in the process of reviewing the technical regulations related to sludge management and the reuse of biosolids. READ MORE

Israel: Absolute world leader in wastewater recycling
Almost ninety ​percent of ​Israeli ​wastewater is ​purified and ​used in ​irrigation, ​making it an ​undisputed ​world leader in ​this field. Israel is also ​a pioneer ​in desalination,​ ​operating ​Sorek — ​the world’​s largest ​seawater ​desalination ​plant — ​some 10 miles ​south of Tel ​Aviv. READ MORE

Spain: Saving water with smart management and efficient systems
Water and electrical supply are two of the main concerns for public authorities. The demand of these resources grow as fast as the population in urban areas so they would become scarcer with the pass of the years. A Technavio report states that the use of smart water management technologies such as Big Data, sensoring and monitoring in real-time can help save more than USD 12 billion revenues for utilities annually. READ MORE

Saudi Arabia: Saudi's SWCC cancels EPC contract with Samsung Engineering
The contract for a major power and desalination plant in Yanbu Industrial City, Saudi Arabia, has been cancelled by Saline Water and Conversion Corporation (SWCC) after it disagreed with EPC contractor Samsung Engineering over project changes. READ MORE

UAE: New water company Almar Water Solutions launched by former Abengoa CEO
Almar Water Solutions, a new water infrastructure development company led by former Abengoa chief executive Carlos Cosin, was launched at World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, January 2017. The new business will focus on sustainable development in the water sector globally, constructing and operating water desalination and purification plants. READ MORE

UAE: Water-Energy Nexus in the UAE
Water consumption per capita in UAE is more than 500 liters per day which is amongst the highest worldwide. UAE is ranked 163 among 172 countries in the world in total renewable water resources (Wikipedia 2016). In short, UAE is expected to be amongst extremely water stressed countries in 2040 (World Resources Institute 2015). READ MORE

Kuwait: $1.7bn Al-Zour North 1 IWPP is now fully operational
The Azzour North One project is the first PPP (public private partnership) project to be tendered and the first to be completed. Azzour Al Oula is 40 per cent owned by a private consortium comprising Engie (formerly GDF Suez), Sumitomo Corporation and AH Al Sagar and Brothers, while the remaining 60 per cent stake is owned by the government through Kuwait Authority for Partnership Projects (KAPP) which has 50 per cent share along with the Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA) and the Public Institution for Social Security with five per cent each. READ MORE

Kuwait: Firm secures Kuwait water station contract
Irish engineering consultancy firm Fehily Timoney has won a multi-million euro contract in Kuwait. IndoBusiness which has offices in Cork and Dublin, secured the contract to design a major water distribution system in the country's capital city. It will also prepare tender documents for the project. READ MORE

Cyprus: Rainfall not enough yet to offset drought
DESPITE the increased rainfall over the past week, the flow to dams is still low and reserves still stand at only 20 per cent capacity on average. According to data from the met service, from the beginning of December until Tuesday morning, rainfall reached 85 per cent of the average rate for the month. READ MORE

Egypt: Alexandria locals adapt to floods as coastal waters inch closer
The UN estimates that global sea levels will rise between 13cm and 68cm by 2050, and say that the Mediterranean is particularly vulnerable – by 2080, up to 120,000 people living near the sea could be affected by rising waters if no action is taken to protect them. Rising sea levels and seawater temperatures will also increase the salinity of the Nile, Egypt’s primary water source, and increasingly salty water sources could destroy farmland across the Nile Delta.  READ MORE

Syria: Damascus water shortage ‘risks pandemic’
Four million people are at great risk following a water shortage in Damascus, according to the Union of Medical Care and Relief Organisations (UOSSM). The two water treatment facilities, which provide clean water for 70 percent of the population of Damascus—have not been operational since December 22, 2016. The water shortage has resulted in price hikes for commercially available water, with reports that say residents are paying as high as 500 Syrian pounds per litre. READ MORE

Lebanon: New Cabinet will address trash, water and electricity crises: minister
Lebanon’s new government will not only address the pressing issues of the budget and the electoral law, but will also seek to improve living conditions in the country. “The priorities of the government of Prime Minister Saad Hariri will focus on approving the budget and a new electoral law, but they will also seek to address the living conditions of citizens, from garbage to electricity and water affairs,” Environment Minister Tarek Khatib said earlier this month. READ MORE

Algeria: Water resources sector to receive 6 new dams in 2017
Algerian Water and Environment Minister Abdelkader Ouali announced recently in Algiers that six new dams will enter in service in 2017, including the Mellague dam in the wilaya of Tebessa, scheduled for reception in the coming days. According to Ouali, members of the Finance and Budget Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC) were discussing Draft law on the budgetary regulation of 2014. READ MORE

Morocco: Moroccan recipe for seawater desalination
As a follow-up to its strategy of sustainable development in the light of COP 22, Morocco has chosen desalination of seawater as a solution to the water deficit in certain regions. This technology, requiring a substantial supply of energy, is to be developed in coupling with green energies such as wind. READ MORE

Tunisia: Towards the acquisition of 40 seawater desalination units
The Tunisian Ministry of Agriculture will acquire 40 mobile desalination units for seawater in order to cope with the scarcity of drinking water resources in Tunisia. This is what Minister Samir Taïeb announced. In an interview with the daily "Achourouk" and published in its edition of January 19, 2017, the minister added that the acquisition of these mobile units comes at a timely moment especially that they will have an overall desalination capacity of 80 Thousand liters a day. READ MORE. Check also this link.

Tunisia: AWARENET Co-Organizes Water Integrity Training for the Arab Region in Tunis, 7-8 December 2016
The water sector, like many other sectors with large-scale infrastructure projects, public sector involvement as well as high technical complexity and multiple stakeholders, is at risk of corruption. The Global Outlook on Water Integrity estimates that $75 billion of water investments is lost to corruption annually. Water is indispensable for human health and welfare, therefore corruption in this sector can have extremely harmful consequences. READ MORE

MENA region: Investing in water
There is a looming water crisis that is beginning to manifest itself in very serious ways across North Africa and the Middle East (MENA) region. The general public seems oblivious to the threat and national ministries often seem to be looking the other way, but the data is there now: According to NASA, we are experiencing the worst drought in 900 years as mentioned by Princess Sumaya of Jordan at the opening of the first Amwaj (‘waves’ in Arabic) forum in Amman on 28-29 November about advancing sustainability and entrepreneurship around the MENA region. READ MORE

UfM Water Expert Group: Ministerial event planned in April 2017
The Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfMS) together with UfM co-Presidency, Jordan and the European Commission organised the 6th meeting of the Water Expert Group in Brussels on 20 December 2016. The WEG is composed of representative of water Directors from UfM countries, the European Commission, as well as observers such as international financial institutions (IFI) and Mediterranean initiatives. The participants reviewed the documents produced by the WEG Drafting Group to prepare the UfM Ministerial Meeting on Water, to be held in Malta on 4 May 2017. This drafting group was set-up at the last meeting of the WEG in November 2015 (Luxembourg). READ MORE

The Nicosia Declaration and the Action Plan of the Mediterranean Strategy on Education for Sustainable Development
The Action place and the declaration of Nicosia were unanimously adopted by the Ministerial Conference held on 8-9 Dec. 2016, in Nicosia, Cyprus. This event was organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus with the scientific support of the UNESCO Chair on Sustainable Development Management and Education in the Mediterranean/University of Athens and the technical support of the EU-funded SWIM-Horizon 2020 Support Mechanism and the MEdIES e-Network.  READ MORE

GCC water challenges are an opportunity to lead the world
For much of 2016, the GCC has been pre-occupied by the economic impact of a liquid that comes out of the ground. Oil has long been the bedrock of regional economies. The revenues generated have built impressive cities, driven investment and modernization, and supported development across the region. However, if the GCC is to continue to grow and progress, there is another liquid to worry about – one far more important to the future of the region: water. READ MORE
US: Obama sends $500m to UN climate fund
With the clock winding down on his presidency, Barack Obama signs over half a billion dollars to help poor countries fight climate change. This matches the US’ previous disbursement to the Green Climate Fund, bringing the total to $1bn. But it falls short of the $3bn commitment the country made in advance of the Paris climate talks in 2015, with the country unlikely to send more funding under a Trump presidency. READ MORE

California: Wind-powered device can produce 11 gallons per day of clean drinking water from the air
A new device developed by VICI-Labs, in collaboration with UC Berkeley and the National Peace Corps Association, aims to provide a sustainable source of clean safe water for the millions without a reliable water supply. In the developed world, where most homes and businesses have ready access to clean water at the turn of a tap, we don't really have to worry about most waterborne diseases, or dehydration, or the ability to wash ourselves, our clothes, or our eating utensils, but those worries are still very real for the millions around the world without a reliable clean water source. The WaterSeer could help to alleviate some of those water poverty issues. READ MORE

California: The solution to California's droughts could be drinking seawater
IDE technologies is fixing California's water shortage using advanced membranes. How does California tackle a five-year-long drought? By turning seawater into the kind you can drink. Carlsbad's 2.2-hectare desalination plant in San Diego County pumps out 200 million litres of water a day, supplying 300,000 residents and businesses. Further north, in Santa Barbara, a second plant will supply 30 per cent of the city's water by early 2017. READ MORE

Colombia: Climate-proof groundwater management
The Colombian study in the Valle del Cauca province will be continued. After charting the use of groundwater in this region last year, Deltares and UNESCO-IHE are now going to document a larger region. READ MORE

Singapore: Singapore cuts the ribbon on new water reuse facility
Singapore's water agency PUB officially opened the country's fifth water reuse plant, BEWG-UESH, the second in the planning zone of Changi, on January 17th, 2017. READ MORE

Singapore launches fifth Newater plant at Changi, boosting water supply
Singapore’s supply of water was given a boost with the launch of a fifth Newater plant at Changi on Wednesday (Jan 18), which is also the first to be jointly developed by a foreign and local company. The $170 million plant is able to produce 50 million gallons of Newater a day and will supply the PUB water for 25 years. The plant, which spans 49,000 sq m or 7.5 football fields, produces enough water to fill 92 Olympic-sized swimming pools. READ MORE

Australia: A Desert Full of Tomatoes, Thanks to Solar Power and Seawater
At first glance, growing fruit in the desert sounds like an awfully good way to feed a mushrooming global population and adapt to the worst effects of climate change. And a farm in South Australia run by the greenhouse developer Sundrop Farms is doing just that, using solar power to desalinate water and grow tomatoes in the otherwise parched landscape. READ MORE

Energy Recovery partners with Duchting Pumpen on new energy savings agreement package
Pressure energy specialist Energy Recovery has signed a master agreement with Germany-based pumps manufacturer Duchting Pumpen to provide a new combined solution for desalination. READ MORE

Some groundwater could be depleted by 2050, according to new study
Areas of southern India, Spain and parts of California are at greatest risk of running out of groundwater. New modelling found the aquifers in the Upper Ganges area of India, southern Spain and Italy could be depleted between 2040 and 2060. The research, conducted with Utrecht University in the Netherlands, used data on aquifer structure, water withdrawals and interactions with surrounding water to simulate groundwater depletion. The simulation was used to forecast when and where world aquifers could reach their limits, or below the reach of modern pumps. READ MORE

12 moments for water in 2016
2016 has become the year for water. From the World Economic Forum, COP22, to the Budapest Water Summit, water has been widely acknowledged as a key to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, and essential to the climate change solution. READ MORE

WEF: Charting trends for an uncertain water future
The water sector finds itself facing unprecedented challenges. The World Economic Forum has placed water at the top of its global risks register, and few countries and communities will be left unaffected by the major drivers impacting upon water: climate change, rapid urbanisation, increasing consumption, and demand for food and energy. READ MORE

New Water Funds for city water supplies
Water continues to rank high on the World Economic Forum’s risk ladder. The water crisis, together with extreme weather events, natural disasters, and the failure of climate change mitigation and adaptation, forms part of the top 5 risks in terms of expected major impact. Extreme weather events and natural disasters rank in the top 5 of the most likely risks to materialize. READ MORE

Water research awards launched by Oman's research council (TRC)
The Research Council (TRC) announced, in collaboration with Sultan Qaboos Higher Centre for Culture and Science and the Ministry of Education, the launching of the Research and Innovations Award in Water Science, within the Strategic Programme for Water Research Award. Registration is on ends on January 31, 2017. Applications must be submitted through the website of TRC The results will be announced on March 22, 2017 within the celebration of World Water Day. READ MORE

Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP): The Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP) promote capacity building within organisations in 51 countries by providing training and education through fellowships for professionals. An NFP Fellowship covers all costs associated with completing a Master of Science study programme at UNESCO-IHE. Deadline: January 31, 2017. READ MORE

Opportunities for climate researchers from developing countries: You can spend a year working in Germany with a host of your choice. Apply for an International Climate Protection Fellowship. Application deadline is March 1, 2017. READ MORE

Global Water Awards 2017 Nominations are NOW OPEN: When nominations close on January 31, 2017, a panel of experts will begin the difficult task of filtering out a shortlist. With the shortlist published online and in print in February 2017, voting will open to readers of Global Water Intelligence and Water Desalination Report, and members of the International Desalination Association (IDA). The Global Water Awards ceremony will once again be part of our Global Water Summit, the leading business conference for the water industry. On 24 April, over 600 top executives and decision makers are expected in Madrid, where the awards celebration will take place with a Gala Dinner. READ MORE

TU Dresden, University of Lisbon and UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education offer the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Programme in Groundwater and Global Change - Impacts and Adaptation (acronym GroundwatCH): Deadline for Academic Admission Applications: June 30, 2017. READ MORE

More Water, Less Concentrate Prize: AWARD:  $150,000 USD: DEADLINE: March 13, 2017 
The Bureau of Reclamation is seeking innovative solutions to expand usable water supplies by maximizing fresh water production from inland desalination systems in a cost effective and environmentally sound manner. Currently, significant and desirable water supplies are trapped in concentrate streams that are a byproduct of desalination technologies. The cost to manage or dispose of concentrate is rather large and very limiting to utilization of desalination in inland applications. Solutions can be novel technologies or approaches that build upon existing technologies.  . READ MORE

Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz International Prize Awards for Water (PSIPW), 2017: Application Deadline: The application deadline is December 31, 2017. READ MORE

Tomorrow’s Water: The UK Junior Water Prize: The UK Junior Water Prize is a national competition providing a global platform for the UK’s junior water innovators. Entries for the 2017 competition now open in January 2017. READ MORE

Canada: Global Water Futures hiring over 750 positions: Cold Regions Water and Climate Research Posts: Multiple Faculty, Research Scientist, and Post-Graduate Student Openings in Global Water Futures at the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada. READ MORE

PhD graduate student: The Water Systems and Society research group led by Dr. Paul Block within the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Wisconsin – Madison invites applications for PhD positions in the field of Hydroclimatology and Water Resources Management. Our research themes are centered on a systems-based approach to managing water resources, bridging models and methods across climate science, hydrology, management, the environment, economics, and policy. READ MORE

IWMI Vacancy: Director General: The director general is based at IWMI's headquarters in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Colombo provides a pleasant living environment with many amenities. Application must be submitted by midnight BST on February 21, 2017. READ MORE

Junior Project Officer with expertise in natural and cultural resources: "The Joint Secretariat of the Interreg MED Programme is recruiting a Project officer – IPA (Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance) referent with expertise in natural and cultural resources - Deadline for application: January 30,  2017. READ MORE

Water Resource Engineer required in Vancouver (Canada): To help with projects involving potable water network analysis, sanitary sewer analysis, drainage and master planning studies. Application deadline: February 2, 2017. READ MORE

Now hiring: Research Project Manager Water for Food Institute at University of Nebraska: The Robert B Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute (WFI) works collaboratively with the University of Nebraska faculty, administrators, and staff, along with external partners, both domestically and internationally. This position will work directly with the Director of Research and collaborate with other directors and staff of the WFI, in the execution of research and technical transfer projects, preparation of reports and communication efforts. Deadline is  February 1, 2017. READ MORE

Lebanon: Cesar Abou Khalil designated new energy and water minister: Lebanon acquired a new 30-minister government led by Saad al-Hariri last December. The cabinet included Cesar Abou Khalil as the new energy and water minister, one of the most important jobs in that new government. READ MORE

WaterAid UK announces new Chief Executive: WaterAid UK is delighted to announce that Tim Wainwright has been appointed its new Chief Executive, to take over from Barbara Frost when she retires in May. READ MORE


  • Coping with water scarcity in agriculture a global framework for action in a changing climate READ MORE
  • Investing in water: Facing up to the enormous problem of water scarcity in the MENA region could have ancillary benefits in creating jobs and slowing migration flows, writes Stuart Reigeluth.  READ MORE
  • Future of water: While almost 75 per cent of the Earth’s surface is covered in water, less than 3 per cent is actually freshwater, of which only 1 per cent is accessible. READ MORE
  • Global Risks Report 2017: Now in its 12th edition.  READ MORE
  • A Natural Solution to Water Security: New report analyzes 4,000 cities to demonstrate the health, climate and biodiversity benefits of source water protection.  READ MORE


  • The Call for Abstracts for our 4th International Conference Energy & Meteorology is now open. Don't miss the chance to submit your work at this leading event. Deadline: 27 January 27,  2017. READ MORE
  • The WEMC Young Scientist Award consists of a free registration for the 4th International Conference Energy & Meteorology, including the pre-conference seminar, the social events, and a dedicated time slot to present the submitted paper. In addition, the successful applicant will have her/his work presented on the WEMC website. Application: Follow the standard ICEM2017 abstract submission procedure with deadline January,  27 2017. READ MORE
  • 4th Arab Water Week: Submit your Abstract, Register & Book your Booth at the 4th Arab Water Week 19-23 March, 2017 at the Dead Sea, Jordan. Deadline for submitting online abstracts: January 30, 2017. READ MORE
  • Oman Power and Water Conference 2017: Call for Abstracts is open and you have time until January  31, 2017 to submit an abstract of 2-4 pages. READ MORE
  • The IWA International Conference on Sustainable Solutions for Small Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems, which will take place in Nantes, France on October 22-26, 2017, will bring together researchers, engineers, water practitioners from academia, industry, water utilities, public authorities and administration to exchange know how and experiences. Deadline for submission of abstracts: February 15,  2017. READ MORE
  • Call for Abstracts: Facilitating scientific contributions to water diplomacy and cooperation processes. UNESCO’s International Hydrological Programme (IHP) welcomes your abstracts for the session #26 it is convening during the 2017 International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS) Scientific Assembly, 10-14 July, Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The submission deadline for this session is the February 14, 2017. READ MORE
  • Call for Applications INTAJ 2.0 Solid Waste Management - Recycling Sector in Lebanon: Competition for this Call for Applications will be open until March 31, 2017. READ MORE
  • Nanotech-2017 2nd International Nanotechnology Conference & Expo is going to be held during 3rd-5th of April, 2017 in Dubai, UAE. Abstract submission deadline is: 15th of March, 2017. READ MORE 
  • HCWW Conference: "3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Sustainable Water Supply & Sanitation SWSSC 2016” that was scheduled on the 25th-27th of September, 2016, has now been re-scheduled on the 23rd-25th of April, 2017, Caio, Egypt. Abstracts submitted to be kept and additional submissions are still accepted. READ MORE
  • A Conference For Young Leaders, By Young Leaders: Building Leaders & Making Impact: 8th International Young Water Professionals Conference, 10-13 December 2017 / Cape Town / South Africa, April 1, 2017 – Abstract submission and workshop / learning session proposal closes. READ MORE
  • Special Issue on Desalination using Renewable Energy: submit your full papers from now until August 31, 2017. READ MORE
  • RO Level 2: Seawater Reverse Osmosis Pretreatment: MEDRC Training Facility, Muscat Oman, 5th-8th of February, 2017, Muscat, Oman. READ MORE
  • Call for Application for 2017 Water Quality and Sanitation Training Program: CAS-TWAS CEWE is established in the Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences (RCEES), Chinese Academy Sciences (CAS). The goal of CEWE is to culture the professionals in the water and environmental fields for the developing world through training, education and joint research programs. Deadline for submission of application form: 15th of April, 2017. READ MORE
  • Desalination with Solar Energy: A 4-day intensive course, 25th-28th of April, 2017, Almeria, Spain. READ MORE


  • PUB Overseas Seed Fund for Water Technologies (Call for proposals): The Singapore’s National Water Agency, is responsible for ensuring a sustainable and efficient water supply for Singapore with the Four National Taps (local catchment water, imported water, NEWater and desalinated water). The deadline for the proposal submission is April 18, 2017, 11:00 am (Singapore time, GMT +08:00). READ MORE
  • Imagine H2O launches water data innovation competition: Imagine H2O (IH2O), the water innovation accelerator, today announced its second annual California Water Policy Challenge. The competition will showcase policy proposals enabling the deployment of water data innovations and technologies. READ MORE
  • Call for proposals for Study of Socio-Economic Impacts of Solar Pumping Systems in Terms of Local Job and Value Creation in Egypt: According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, Egypt plans to increase its agricultural production level by reclaiming 1.5 million acres of desert land by 2017 and another 3 million acres by 2030. READ MORE
  • ERANETMED Second Joint Call on Environmental challenges and solutions for vulnerable communities List of projects approved for funding: Among them 2 desalination projects. READ MORE
  • US Dept. of State and US Water Partnership look for Experts on Climate Change, Water Resource Management and the Energy-Water Nexus: US nationals only. The U.S. Department of State and U.S. Water Partnership (USWP) seek experts to share best practices and expertise on sustainable water management in Morocco with a focus on managing the risks and impacts of climate change on water resources. READ MORE
  • World Economic Forum - A New Vision for Development call for proposals: Submissions are due by 30 January 2017, 23:59 Central European Time, and the prizes will be announced in April 2017. READ MORE
  • Towards the first call for proposals: publication of the draft guidelines for applicants: On 13th and 14th of December 2016, the representatives of the 13 countries participating in the ENI CBC Med Programme met in Athens on the occasion of the Joint Monitoring Committee. READ MORE


  • UNESCO launch of its Water Information Network System (WINS): 31 January 2017, Paris France. READ MORE
  • DWF's Annual Meeting on water research and innovation: 30 January 2017, Danish Water Forum is hosting the 11th Annual Water Research Meeting at KU Science. READ MORE
  • TAHLYA Program official launch: February 6th, 2017, MEDRC premises, Muscat, Oman. READ MORE
  • Membranes in the Production of Drinking and Industrial Water (MDIW), 6th–8th of February 2017, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. READ MORE
  • Saudi Water and Environment Forum – SWEF, 12th-14th of February 2017, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. READ MORE
  • Membrane Technology Conference and Exposition, 13th-17th of February 2017, Long Beach, CA, USA. READ MORE
  • 11th IWA Symposium on Tastes, Odours & Algal Toxins in Water, 14th-16th of February 2017, Sydney, Australia. READ MORE
  • 2nd Middle East Oilfield Produced Water Management Conference & Exhibition, 14th-16th of February 2017, Muscat, Oman. READ MORE
  • IFAT Eurasia 2017 Trade for Environmental Technologies: February 16–18, 2017, Istanbul, Turkey. READ MORE
  • World Water-Tech Innovation Summit, 20th-22nd of February 2017, London, UK. READ MORE
  • 20th International Conference on Petroleum, Mineral Resources & Development (PMRD2017), 20th-22nd, 2017, Cairo, Egypt. READ MORE
  • Symposium on Climate Change Adaptation in the Arab region, 28th of February  till the 2nd of March 2017, Cairo, Egypt. READ MOR
  • 11th Asia Pacific Conference on Sustainable Energy & Environmental Technologies (APCSEET 2017):  6th-10th of March 2017, Bihar, India. READ MORE
  • Fourth Arab Water Week 2017: "Managing Water Systems within Fragile Environments in the Arab Region", 19th-23rd of March 2017, Dead Sea, Jordan. READ MORE
  • IWA Efficient2017: A Conference on Efficient Urban Water Management, 21st-23rd of March 2017, Tel Aviv, Israel. READ MORE
  • World Water Day 2017 (Water & Wastewater): 22nd of March 2017, at MEDRC premises, Muscat, Oman. READ MORE
  • Water Philippines 2017 Expo: 22nd-24th of March 2017, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines. READ MORE
  • WSTA 12th Gulf Water Conference: 28th-30th of March 2017, Manama, Bahrain. READ MORE
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