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EAA Newsletter - May 2015

Editorial by Ariela Caglio

Welcome to the second 2015 EAA Newsletter! 
These months are usually particularly intense for our community, and this fact is reflected in the numerous contributions included in the current issue. 
To start with, in the 'Young Scholars' Corner', the Newsletter offers a retrospective of the EAA Annual Congress in Glasgow as well as of the Doctoral Colloquium. Once a year, the EAA community gathers for its main event
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Message from Salvador Carmona, EAA President

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News from EAR, AinE and EAA


EAR forthcoming articles

News from the EAR

AinE: Highlights from 2014 Report to members

EAA: Changes to the scientific process of the EAA Annual Congresses

EAA Talent Workshop: the EAA job market for accounting academics

Calls for papers

EUFIN 2015 - The 11th Workshop on European Financial Reporting
ESSEC Business School and SKEMA, Paris, France - September 3-4, 2015
EXTENDED DEADLINE, Submission Due Date: June 15 2015

AARCF - 12th International Conference on Accounting
Ankara, Turkey - October 23-24, 2015
Submission Due Date: August 16, 2015

Accounting and Audit Convergence (AAC) Convention 2015 
Cluj-Napoca, Romania - September 6-9, 2015
EXTENDED DEADLINE, Submission Due Date: June 30, 2015   
Submission Due Date: August 15, 2015
Journal of Accounting and Public Policy Conference and Special Issue
IE, Madrid, Spain - June 3, 2016
Submission Due Date: December 14, 2015

Accounting and Business Research Special Issue - Enforcement of Financial Reporting 
Submission Due Date: May 31, 2016

Have you read?

by Saverio Bozzolan
Book review of "Investing between the lines -  How to make smarter decisions by decoding CEO communications" (L. J. Rittenhouse)
by Encarna Guillamon Saorin, University Carlos III de Madrid

Book review of "Public Sector Accounting" (Tjerk Budding, Giuseppe Grossi, and Torbjörn Tagesson)
by Ileana Steccolini, Bocconi University

Book review of "The death of corporate reputation - How integrity has been destroyed on Wall Street" (Jonathan Macey)
by Pietro Mazzola, IULM University

Other interesting information and events

IFAC: Introducing an Online Portal between Academia and Public/Private Sectors
by Eli Khazzam, IFAC 

International research Symposium "The 'Real' Impact Factor: Accounting Research, Practice and Users"
London, UK - September 9, 2015

Reports on past conferences

Management Accounting Research 25th Anniversary Conference 
London, UK - April 17, 2015
by Wim A Van der Stede, London School of Economics (LSE), London

Writing to publish in international accounting journals workshop
Istanbul, Turkey - February 12-13, 2015
by Paul André, ESSEC Business School

Young Scholars' Corner

by Sebastian D. Becker


The “Young Scholars' Corner” seeks to collect information targeted particularly at the more recent participants in our community.  
If you would like to share your valuable experiences and insights with the EAA community, you are very welcome to do so through the “Young Scholars' Corner”! And if you would like to suggest a topic we could include in the future, please let us know (!
Registration open for Doctoral Colloquia, Conferences, and Workshops:
Doctoral course of the AAC Convention
Cluj-Napoca, Romania - September 6-7, 2015
EXTENDED DEADLINE, Submission Due Date: June 30, 2015
Cluj-Napoca, Romania - September 9, 2015
EXTENDED DEADLINE, Submission Due Date: June 30, 2015

Reports on Doctoral Colloquia, Conferences, and Workshops:

31st EAA Doctoral Colloquium and 38th Annual Congress
by Karen De Myst, KULeuven

4th ACMAR Doctoral Colloquium and 12th ACMAR Conference
by Marek Reuter, University of Innsbruck - School of Management

7th Alternative Accounts Conference (AAC) and the Emerging Scholars Colloquium
by Delphine Beau, Paris Dauphine University
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