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Often arriving with nothing except the clothes on their back, foster children can end up in a new home any time, day or night. Scared and perhaps confused, foster children try to make sense of what they left behind and what lies ahead. 

It is common for children to be placed in a family without any notice and without any time to prepare. Therefore, With Love, has stepped into action by creating and assembling placement bags. These bags include essential items such as diapers, wipes, underwear, socks, Tylenol, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste; additionally, some books, a few special toys and handmade blankets are included. Other items are gathered based on needs and age of the child. These bags then become the child’s property, sometimes their only possessions.

Some companies have generously supported this project in various ways. With Love, has recently received a $5,000 grant from McGraw-Hills publishing for 100 new bags. Additionally, Adidas has given a big discount on bags, including ones that are age and gender specific.
As always, With Love, needs and appreciates gently used and new donations. Formula and diapers would be a great contribution to these placement bags. Even formula samples or an opened box of diapers go a long way.
New beginnings and transition and can be difficult.  These placement bags are a small reminder that they - both the children and the foster families - are cared for and surrounded With Love,.
  • With Halloween right around the corner, we would like to make sure foster children have costumes and can participate in the fun. Donate today.  
  • Does your company have a non-profit donation matching policy? Donate online and have your company match your donation.
  • Have you switched your Amazon account? On your account go to Smile Amazon and choose With Love Oregon - every time you shop we get some of the proceeds. 
What’s Happening:
  • Starting in October we are going to be at Foster Parent Night Out at A Jesus Church Westside AND Bridgetown. For our 3rd year of supporting FPNO we are excited to be involved in two different locations per month.
  • We are needing more volunteers. If you have a small group or you would like to volunteer please click here.
  • Starting soon we are going to be starting collect stocking stuffers for the holidays. If your family wants to participate or you are involved in a group we would love to have you! Details to follow.
  • For the holiday season you want to get your company involved with helping kids in foster care you can sign up to have a drop bin for stockings stuffers, or a cash box to collect money to buy stocking stuffers. Every $10 donation will by a stocking for a child in foster care. If you want to have a drop bin or cash box for your work please contact us 
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