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From our Pastor

You know, fear can be a fairly good motivator but it can also freeze us out of doing anything. Esther’s fear of going to the king without being invited is real. If the king becomes annoyed at her insolence, she could well be executed for her efforts. Mordecai is adamant that only Esther has the means in which to save the people and argues that perhaps it could be this very reason she was place in such a position in the first place. Going with that Esther decides to go with the program even while recognizing the real danger of death for doing so. Her motivation in life then ceases to be the fear of the king but the concern for her people. Or to put in a different perspective, she acted out of her love and concern for the people and overcame the fear in order to save them.

On my Facebook page I was going through the comments that friends and family had been putting out and ran across this one meme where a classmate of mine had determined that the government in requiring masks was tearing apart our sacred freedoms. In short, the meme ending that when we are required to wear a mask to even get on a plane, our freedoms are being violated. I don’t usually respond to these types of memes but this time I did by mentioning that flying on a plane was not a particular right we have as citizens when the health of others sometimes needs to take the forefront. Her response was that she didn’t ever intend to get on a plane in the first place because she just didn’t like to fly. It seems to me that it wasn’t really an issue then, so why were we bringing up the fear of masks in the first place.

As we listen to the news on what is going downhill so horribly we can be easy targets for fear. We have been inundated with the fear of our guns being taken away, or fear of being shot, fear of illegals coming over the border in droves, fear of masks taking away our enjoyment of life, fear of election fraud, fear of almost anything you want to name. By using fear we have been manipulated to look upon suspicion of almost anything and anyone because we question the motives of them all. Out of fear we are risking tearing down our communities and nation bit by bit.

Christ offers a different motivation. One the looks at the needs of others and how we can live together in service and hope. I wear a mask not so much so I can be protected from the virus. There has been no study that I am aware of that guarantees that if I wear a mask my chances of catching the virus is all that limited as to not wearing one. BUT they do show that by my wearing a mask I cut the chances of spreading it to others significantly. So out of concern for you and everyone else, I tend to wear the mask anytime I go out in public—even though I have had both shot of the inoculation. I trust that others are doing same to benefit me. Hence, I may be worried about the virus but it is not really that fear that pushes me into action but rather trying to halt the spread by taking care I don’t pass it on to someone else.

Perhaps we all need to think about why we do what we do when it comes to our actions with other people. Are we acting out of fear that somehow what they bring or who they are will endanger my own security and health? Or do I act according to the Golden Rule and attempt to bring hope and faith into my encounters with others so that in whatever have to face, we do it together. By working in relationships that are caring and compassionate we will build a hope that will carry us into the better future of faith.

In Christ’s love,

Pastor Paul

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