Exclusive supply arrangements make quality ingredients in Australia easier to access

As the year quickly progresses, Trans Chem is already building on its new product and new supplier successes from 2014; products and events such as Setria and CPhI Paris provided you with innovative product solutions and excellent new, vendor-qualified sources of manufacture.

In the first half of this year, Trans Chem will be once more seeking the best new ingredient sources and products by attending major events such as Supply Expo in Anaheim California and CPhI China in Shanghai. Our focus is on developing a deep understanding of lead-market trends and then applying our sourcing expertise to bring you the highest quality and best value ingredients that provide nutritional answers to these growth trends.

Andrew Klapka

Bioactive Minerals Exclusive

Innovation needs to be at the heart of our industry, particularly as consumers demand better performance from their nutritional supplements.  This is why our latest addition to the range of raw materials delivers a significant benefit to customers wanting to stay ahead.

We are pleased to offer a range of quality, innovative Bioactive Mineral ingredient solutions for human nutrition, food, pharmaceuticals and sports nutrition.

These bioactive minerals include pure Bisglycinate chelated minerals, fully reacted chelated minerals, mineral complexes and other premium nutritional ingredients.

Bioactive Minerals are essential in almost every aspect of metabolism.  Just some of the advantages they offer include: high bioavailability, zero side effects, digestive acid resistance, and they do not compete with other minerals at absorption sites.  

Download the Bioactive Mineral brochure here to learn more about this exciting range of products and their health benefits. Please contact Trans Chem for more information.

The worldwide supplier of choice for Bioactive Minerals is Innophos Nutrition (formerly known as AMT and Kelatron),
exclusively available in Australia through Trans Chem Pty Ltd.

  Jonathan Pinder
  Account Manager


Supplier merger increases range

Trans Chem now has exclusive access in Australia and New Zealand to an expanded portfolio of quality raw materials.  This follows the creation of Innophos Nutrition; a merger of AMT Labs Inc., Kelatron Corporation, Triarco Industries and Chelated Minerals International.  The broader product base includes minerals, chelated minerals, herbs, botanicals, as well as key branded products.  
If you have ordered raw materials through us from these companies in the past, note that the new name will now appear on all paperwork.  For more information please speak to one of our account managers on +61 2 9887 1688.