Longboat Wildfire Bulletin March 3, 2015
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Longboat Roadrunners from left to right: Christine Loch, Tara-Jay Lapstra, George Hubbard & Katie Gill ~ Photo courtesy Steve Blackburn

Longboat Roadrunners Strike Again
at the Chilly Half-Marathon

Race reports by Christine Loch & Katie Gill

Burlington  My last half-marathon was the Chilly Half in 2012.  I went out too fast (my first kilometre was the fastest of the race), felt like I had just done an interval, and needed to jog or rest to recover, not a good way to start a race! That race became more about managing to recover, maintain and get that race done. This goal was to better my time in 2012 (1:39:03) and not to go out too fast. 


I built up my first 3K from a manageable pace to race pace.  I could see Longboaters in the distance ahead of me (follow that feather!). That helped to pace me along, until I caught up around the 17K mark, when I joined Hillary Tulk, Tara Lapstra and Katie Gill. At that point, I was so excited to have caught up to these gals, that I didn't realize how close I was to my threshold, and started to feel my muscles seizing around 19K. I had pushed my limits, and needed to ease up my pace, and refocus. George, a great pacer, who was keeping track of time, said " could get a PB!" I turned onto Brant Street towards the finish line.  Not only did I better my time at this race but my time was .3 seconds faster (1:36:02.2) compared to my previous half-marathon PB at the 2008 Mississauga Half-marathon.

I managed to reach those goals with the help of Longboat friends' encouraging cheers, coach Timo and the feather ahead, which kept pulling me forward. I, as well as many other people got PB's today, including Katie Gill, Laura McLean, Emily Haas, Hillary Tulk and Kevin Gallagher (hope I didn't miss anyone). At the Awards Ceremony at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre, many Longboaters won Chilly Awards, as well as Ontario Masters Association Awards. It was great to see coach Timo Uuksalainen out racing and at the post race Awards.

George, Katie and I enjoyed post race chili at Emmas' back porch with a nice beer...a great way to finish off the event! ~By Christine Loch


Burlington  The Chilly Half was a day of firsts for me. Having sought out Longboat back in October after running the Toronto Scotiabank Half, this was my first go at the distance since training with the club. It was also my first time (proudly) sporting the Longboat singlet and feeling part of the team at a race event. Although I was nervous taking on this distance in the winter – memories of the Longboat 5km time trial reassured me that I could probably face whatever elements and temperatures the day might bring. All of this to say that, despite having run this distance before, it felt like the first time (only better) all over again! 


Sunday morning started as most Sundays do now for me, with a running alarm wake up. The weather though, proved “balmy” (as Emily put it perfectly) in comparison to some of the more treacherous temperatures, wind and road conditions we’ve taken on during recent Wednesday night workouts and Sunday morning runs.  In fact, running along the relatively flat and clear race route, I stole a few moments to appreciate the beauty of snowflakes falling lightly and the scenic Burlington lakeshore. Those moments were fleeting though, as I kept my focus ahead. I was trying to keep Tara in sight and running alongside Hillary for most of the course at, what felt like a quick and challenging pace. George and Christine were close by and, with about 4km to go, the five of us were running as a little Longboat pack. At that point in the run, this was exactly the surge of energy, motivation and team spirit I needed to push further and stay strong until the end. Finishing time 1:35:35, thanks guys!! With multiple personal bests, race awards and OMA awards received – it was a day full of achievement for Longboat. 


I have to say the route was great, the out and back allowed you to see amazing athletes leading and send/receive shout outs and waves to fellow runners. It was so awesome to see Longboat colours and feathers all along the way, plus supporters on the sidelines. There was a great small town spirit and a lot of cheerers, music and positive energy the whole way along. Massive Chilly Half medals (definitely a first) and bright jackets were among neat race swag. Plus a bowl of chili and a beer to finish it off – can’t ask for much more. The day has left me excited and motivated for more and feeling proud and thankful to be part of this group of talented and supportive runners! ~ By Katie Gill



Reminder of the New Members Brunch on Saturday, March 7, 2015
The annual Longboat New Members Brunch is this Saturday, March 7, at Brazenhead Irish Pub, 165 East Liberty Street, in Liberty Village.  The event is free for new members and $20 for existing members.  Please click HERE for payment.  No payment will be taken at the door.  

The event schedule is as follows:
9:00am    Relay with Bert de Vries at Lamport Stadium (1155 King Street West & Jefferson)
10:30am  Brunch is served
11:00am  Guest speaker Jerry Kooymans, 2012 Ontario Masters Athletics inductee to the Hall of Fame

If you plan on participating in the relay, please be sure to email Bert.
Please RSVP to the Evite by Wednesday, March 4, 2014.  

Should you have any questions about the New Members Brunch, please email Laura.
Flying Feather Fellows from left to right: Shawn Bennet, Kevin Gallagher, Laura McLean & Rob Madej
Who's that Girl? Laura McLean feeling good with a 1:36 half-marathon finish!
First in her class, Diane Marrow - 5K - 1st W60-4 winner

All photos courtesy Steve Blackburn