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Issue 1|  Summer 2015

The relaunching of Cochrane earlier in the year has seen it's new visual identity rolled out with new logos, print materials and websites.  This marked the most radical change in appearance since the formation of the collaboration 22 years ago.  While still recognisable as Cochrane the new design provides a more consistent and unified brand identity around the world and across all languages and regions. These changes demonstrate Cochrane's determination to reach out and actively engage with the clinicians, researchers, policy-makers and patients who use Cochrane evidence to impact their healthcare decision making.  As part of the rebrand, we are delighted to inform you that the Peripheral Vascular Diseases Group has been renamed as Cochrane Vascular.  Our scope and remit remain the same and we are very excited to unveil our new logo and name in the first Cochrane Vascular newsletter.  Check out our new webpage and if you have not yet visited the revamped Cochrane Library - have a browse!

Cochrane training

All the resources you need for writing your Cochrane review are now available in one single place on the Cochrane Training website. In addition to a range of helpful resources you will find links to on-line training modules, workshops, software and the Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions.


See below for details of the six reviews, eleven updates and eleven protocols we have published since the last newsletter. Thank you for all the hard work by authors, editors and referees who have made this possible and to all those currently writing. 

Oral direct thrombin inhibitors or oral factor Xa inhibitors for the treatment of deep vein thrombosis Robertson L, Kesteven P, McCaslin JE

Primary prophylaxis for venous thromboembolism in patients undergoing cardiac or thoracic surgery M Di Nisio, F Peinemann, E Porreca, AWS Rutjes

Angioplasty versus stenting for iliac artery lesions J Bekken, H Jongsma, N Ayez, CJ Hoogewerf, V Van Weel, B Fioole

Endovascular repair versus open repair for inflammatory abdominal aortic aneurysms L Capoccia, V Riambau

Effect of testing for cancer on cancer‐ and venous thromboembolism (VTE)‐related mortality and morbidity in patients with unprovoked VTE L Robertson, SE Yeoh, G Stansby, R Agarwal

Beta‐adrenergic blockers for perioperative cardiac risk reduction in people undergoing vascular surgery K Mostafaie, R Bedenis, D Harrington

CHIVA method for the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency Bellmunt-Montoya S, Escribano J, Dilme J, Martinez-Zapata M (updated)

Dressings and topical agents for arterial leg ulcers Forster R, Pagnamenta F (updated)

Surgery for deep venous incompetence RR Goel, A Abidia, SC Hardy (updated)

Antiplatelet agents for preventing thrombosis after peripheral arterial bypass surgery R Bedenis, A Lethaby, H Maxwell, S Acosta, MH Prins (updated)

Surgery for small asymptomatic abdominal aortic aneurysms G Filardo, JT Powell, MAM Martinez, DJ Ballard (updated)

Prosthetic rehabilitation for older dysvascular people following a unilateral transfemoral amputation J Cumming, S Barr, TE Howe (updated)

Different types of intermittent pneumatic compression devices for preventing venous thromboembolism in patients after total hip replacement JM Zhao, ML He, ZM Xiao, T Song Li, H Wu, H Jiang (updated)

Local intramuscular transplantation of autologous mononuclear cells for critical lower limb ischaemia K Moazzami, B Moazzami, A Roohi, S Nedjat, E Dolmatova (updated)

Statins for primary prevention of venous thromboembolism Lun Li, Peizhen Zhang, Jin Hui Tian, KeHu Yang (updated)

Graduated compression stockings for prevention of deep vein thrombosis A Sachdeva, M Dalton, SV Amaragiri, T Lees (updated) 

Balloon angioplasty, with and without stenting, versus medical therapy for hypertensive patients with renal artery stenosis S Jenks, SE Yeoh, BR Conway (updated)

Pentasaccharides for treatment of deep vein thrombosis Brandao GMS, Junqueira DR, Rollo HA, Sobreira ML (protocol)

Direct factor Xa inhibitors versus low molecular weight heparins or vitamin K antagonists for prevention of venous thromboembolism in elective primary hip or knee replacement or hip fracture repair CA Salazar, G Malaga, G Malasquez, R Bernardo (protocol)

Neuromuscular electrical stimulation for the prevention of venous thromboembolism S Hajibandeh, S Hajibandeh, GA Antoniou, JRH Scurr, F Torella (protocol)

Growth factors for angiogenesis in peripheral arterial disease V Gorenoi, MU Brehm, A Koch, A Hagen (protocol)

Left subclavian artery coverage for thoracic endovascular aortic repair GA Antoniou, SA Antoniou, F Torella (protocol)

Positron emission tomography (PET) for the detection of vascular graft infections V Brito, C Loudet, A Ciapponi, JSW Kwong, L Capoccia (DTA protocol)

Controlled hypotension versus normotensive resuscitation strategy for people with ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm DH Moreno, DG Cacione, JCC Baptista‐Silva (protocol)

Pharmacomechanical thrombectomy for iliofemoral deep vein thrombosis L Robertson, A Burdess, O McBride (protocol)

Lumbar sympathectomy techniques for critical lower limb ischaemia due to non‐reconstructable peripheral arterial disease VKL Karanth, TK Karanth, Z Sun, L Karanth (protocol)

Intravenous heparin during ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysmal repair S Lammy, JP Blackmur, JMT Perkins (protocol)

Angioplasty for deep venous thrombosis RLG Flumignan, CDQ Flumignan, JCC Baptista‐Silva (protocol)


We are striving to make sure that the most crucial evidence presented in our reviews is published and updated to meet the needs of healthcare professionals and patients alike.  Watch your inboxes for your chance to influence this and to help us in our ongoing prioritisation setting as we are in the process of creating surveys to identify uncertainties in all our topic areas.


Vascular Society Annual Scientific Meeting
Bournemouth, UK
11th to 13th November
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Attending the Cochrane Colloquium in Vienna?  Cochrane Vascular will be there and invite all our members to join us on the 5th of October (Galerie 13-14) for an informal get together.

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