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Wednesday, March 18, 2015
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This is the Aldertrack weekday political newsletter edited by Mike Fourcher & Ramsin Canon. It includes an overview of pertinent Chicago political reporting, data and opinion from across the spectrum to augment Aldertrack's Aldermanic Racing Form.

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Today's Updates: 

  • New A-1's: $8k Brian Hopkins-2 from ($5k) Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce PAC, ($1.5k) Solution Service Systems, and ($1.5k) Alpa Construction; $1k Alyx Pattison-2 from Centennial Medical Mgmt Corp; $51.9k John Pope-10 from 18 different contributors; $9k Raymond Lopez-15 from ($5k) Citizens for Tunney, ($2.5k) IL Hotel-Motel PAC, and ($1.5k) IL Restaurant Assoc; $1k Rafael Yanez-15 from Rene Cardoso, Manager, Town and Lake Garage; $6k Willie Cochran-20 from ($2.5k) South Shore F&B, Inc., ($2.5k) Exotic Car Wash, and ($1k) IHMPAC; $6.5k Emma Mitts-37 from ($3k) Wells Holdings, LLC dba Benchmark Bar & Grill, ($2.5k) INCS Action PAC, and ($1k) Daley and Georges Ltd; $16.5k Mary O’Connor-41 from ($5k) Citizens for Tunney, ($5k) IL Hotel-Motel PAC, ($2k) Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises, Inc., ($1.5k) Pipe Fitters Assoc. Local 597 U A, ad ($1k each) Purple PAC, Phillip Dewald-Firefighter-Chgo Fire Dept, Patrick O’Connor-Pipe Fitter- Stone & Webster Construction; $2.5k Michele Smith-43 from James Gidwitz, Executive, Continental Materials Corp; $7.2k Caroline Vickrey-43 from ($2.7k) Craig Varga, Attorney, Varga, Berger, Ledsky, Hayes, and Casey, ($2.5k) Leslie Glazier, Real Estate Agent, @Properties, ($1k) Michael Leonard, and ($1k) Chicago Trattoria Assoc., Inc; 

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Garcia Goes Up On TV & Radio, CTU On Black Radio
The Jesus "Chuy" Garcia campaign bought $766,045 of TV and radio airtime, spread out over the next three weeks, bringing their messaging to near parity to the Rahm Emanuel campaign for the first time. 

According to a report commissioned by Aldertrack and prepared by Fletcher Rowley, a political advertising firm based in Nashville with no candidates in Chicago this cycle, the Garcia campaign will go up on Chicago television and radio today, with a purchase lasting through next Wednesday. In addition, the Garcia campaign purchased purchased cable airtime around the Chicago Cubs and White Sox home openers on April 5 and April 6.

The Chicago Teachers Union also purchased $43,155 of Black radio airtime for this week, while the Emanuel campaign also purchased $53,430 of Black radio airtime for this week. – by Mike Fourcher,

Poll: 29th Ward Ward Neck-and-Neck
A survey conducted of 29th Ward likely voters last night found Ald. Deborah Graham and challenger Chris Taliaferro in an absolute tie at 30.2% each while 39.6% of respondents were undecided. The robocall poll of 596 likely voters, conducted for Aldertrack by Chicago-based polling firm Ogden & Fry, had a margin of error of 4.1%. – by Mike Fourcher,

Willie Wilson Endorses Aldermanic Candidates
Former mayoral candidate Willie Wilson endorsed several runoff aldermanic candidates yesterday. After a late morning private meeting with the candidates, Wilson announced he would throw support behind Ald. Natasha Holmes (7), Susan Garza (10), Rafael Yañez (15), Derrick Curtis (18), Kevin Bailey (20), Marvin McNeil (21), Vetress Boyce (24), Chris Taliafero (29), and Ald. Emma Mitts (37).

Some of the candidates are Jesus "Chuy" Garcia supporters, while some are Rahm Emanuel supporters. Wilson recently announced his support for Garcia in the runoff contest.

“The endorsements are not based on mayoral allegiance but on the importance of having a strong council, weak mayor system,” Rev. Gregory Seal Livingston, Wilson’s former campaign manager, told Aldertrack. Incumbents Ald. Mitts and Ald. Holmes are the only Wilson-supported candidates backing Emanuel. Mitts' opponent, Tara Stamps, is a vocal supporter of Garcia, as is Yañez, Garza, and Bailey. Wilson will “probably” provide financial support to the candidates, says Rev. Livingston. – by Claudia Morell,


Negative Direct Mail From Brand New Organization Stirs 15th Ward
Rafael Yañez (15) says his challenger, Dem. Comm. Raymond Lopez, is behind an aggressive negative direct mail piece sent to residents in Back of the Yards and Brighton Park portions of the 15th Ward. The mailer, which accuses Yanez of fighting to stop a $3 million dollar grant for a drug and alcohol rehab program, was paid for by Protecting Working Families PAC, a group founded only last week, according to a D-1 report.

The Yanez campaign claims the bulk mail permit number on the Protecting Working Families attack piece is identical to the one on used by previous mailers sent by the Lopez campaign. "As a police officer and community activist, I believe strongly that the illness of addiction requires a full range of support, including the mental health facilities that were shuttered by Lopez's patron, Mayor Rahm Emanuel,” Yanez said in the release blasting the mailer.

When asked about the mailer, Lopez said, "I am not aware of what either Officer Yanez or his paid consultant from Cicero are talking about. Unlike my opponent, I am focusing on the issues voters actually care about: making our communities safer and helping 15th Ward families."

Aldertrack attempted to contact Protecting Working Families PAC organizer, Janette Maldonado, at the email listed on the group's organization documentation, but did not receive a response by publication. – by Claudia Morell,


Next-door Aldermen Endorse Yañez in 15th
Ald. Toni Foulkes (15) and David Moore, winner of the open seat 17th Ward contest, endorsed Rafael Yañez yesterday, says Manuel Diaz, Yañez’s Field Director. Diaz says Yañez has also picked up endorsements from former 15th Ward Candidates, Otis Davis Jr. and Eddie Daniels, and Sandra Mallory, who got knocked off the ballot during the objection process.

“We also have a lot of new support from the community now that Garcia is in the runoff,” Diaz adds, noting that many 15th Ward residents did not expect mayoral candidate Jesus "Chuy" Garcia to make it to the runoff. Yañez is running a joint campaign with Garcia.

Yañez' challenger, Raymond Lopez, has previously received financial support from 14th Ward Ald. Ed Burke in the runoff. – by Claudia Morell,


Campaign Literature, Etc.
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The recently organized Protecting Working Families PAC dropped a negative mail piece against Rafael Yañez in the 15th Ward.

Rafael Yañez (15) dropped a negative mail piece against Raymond Lopez.

Ald. Michele Smith (43) launched a new attack TV ad on Caroline Vickrey.
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