Amazing Baptism!
Terele Parker was first met by Travis Hawkins when he was a freshman at Tuskegee University.  He occasionally attended the Bible talk on campus.  As time went on, he met Bryce Outten, who is a fellow electrical engineering major.  "I saw him around," said Bryce, "But I didn't think he was open." 

As they went into their junior year, Terele told Bryce that he wanted to work on his relationship with God.  He wanted to get his life together.  Bryce invited him to come to the Bible talk.  For awhile, Terele attended every week.  Jaylen Parks asked him to study the Bible, and he agreed.  He not only studied the Bible, he invited others to study.  He took the initiative to set up his next studies.

"He was super eager to learn more," said Jaylen.  "But still really humble to listen to the lessons, and always receptive to anything we showed him in the Bible."

Then it was time for Winter Break.  After Terele came back from the holidays, he was busy with work and school, and didn't resume the studies.  

God wasn't done with Terele, however.  He moved to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga to do some research over the summer.  On one of his first days on campus, he was met by JJ Jones, a member of our sister church in Chattanooga, C3.  JJ and others invited Terele to study the Bible. They also invited him to attend their church services, and he did, not realizing that it was a part of the same fellowship as the group in Tuskegee. 

After one of the services, some people visiting from Atlanta were talking to Terele and discovered that he attended Tuskegee University.  They asked him if he knew Bryce. When he said he did, the pieces came together.  Everyone was amazed that Terele had studied the Bible with Bryce and Jaylen, and now had been led by God to them.

As Terele studied the Bible with JJ and Joseph "Goose: Goosby, he changed dramatically.  "From one study to another, it was like the difference between night and day," said JJ.  "I definitely believe it was God, hands down.  People don't change like that in a matter of days."

Terele started praying and reading his Bible on his own.  When he was challenged to seek God, he responded with, "All right, let's do this,"  He really made the effort.

A few days ago, Bryce checked on Terele, and found out that he was close to making a commitment.  Bryce immediately sent a prayer request to the Tuskegee ministry, and began praying, "God, give us this one. Don't let Satan take him, please.  So many have fallen by the wayside." 

God answered the prayers.  Terele was baptized on Monday, August 5.  He left Chattanooga later in the week, and returned to Tuskegee.  We are all looking forward to welcoming Terele to the ATCC family.  We praise God for this powerful conversation story!
Terele (far right) with Chattanooga and Atlanta disciples.

There will be a huge singles weekend in Atlanta on Labor Day Weekend, The event is entitled, "Chosen," and features Sam Powell as the speaker.  It is hosted by the North River Church of Christ. Over 700 singles are expected to attend.

The Strength In Weakness Ministries will be at North River September 13-15, and will feature testimonies and teachings on the hot button topics surrounding LGBQT.

Parents of teens: plan now to bring your teens to the Southeast Teen Rally at North River on September 20-22.

Below:  ATCC members participate in a Habitat for Humanity service project in Columbus.  Children hanging out after their lesson at Kids' Kingdom.

Sun. Aug. 11 -- Gathering at VFW, 10 AM. 
Aug. 19 - Classes begin at AU
Aug. 21 -- Classes begin at TU
Sun. Aug. 25 -- Lord's Supper Meal
Aug. 31-Sept 2 - Singles Weekend in ATL: "Chosen"
Sept 7 -- Parenting Seminar (Tentative)
Sept. 20-22 -- Southeast Teen Rally (North River in Atlanta)
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