A New Schedule!
We've been having a great time studying out what the Bible says about church.  The next step is time to put some of what we are learning into practice. We're changing up our routine of Sunday and midweek services in an effort to make what we do more Biblical and effective. 

There will be an in depth discussion of the changes at our services, but here's a summary of our new schedule. Starting in February, for Sundays, the first Sunday of each month will be House Church Sunday.  The Montgomery group will meet in a home in Montgomery. The rest of the church will meet at the VFW with a family type service that is geared towards a smaller group.

The second Sunday will be a more "normal" service. Then the third Sunday of each month we plan to enjoy eating together with a communion meal service.

Finally, we're starting something new on the last Sunday of each month.  We're going to offer a Sunday school class before church for the adults, to deepen our Bible knowledge!

For midweeks, the first Wednesday of each month will be called "Dinner by Design."  All of us will practice hospitality, either by having someone over to share a meal with us at our residence, or by getting with someone at an eating establishment. The purpose of this evening will be to build friendships with nonchristians and strengthen relationships with Christians. 

On the second Wednesday of each month, the women will meet.  The men will get together on the third Wednesday.  Finally, on the fourth Wednesday we will go out and evangelize!

It's exciting to try new things.  We're looking forward to seeing how God can use us as we seek to serve him in a better way.  And let's accompany our increased service with an increased faith!  Pray, and know that God will work in incredible ways!
Food assignments for Sunday:  Marrieds bring a casserole or a meat platter, singles bring oranges, grapes or brownies, campus students bring drinks and ice.
 Mitchell Moore, who moved to Hawaii with his wife Lorena, was recently honored by the Honolulu Army Corps of Engineers for his doctoral work. Those interested in seeing Mitchell's impressive dissertation on "Measuring and Modeling Stormwater Runoff from an Interstate in a Rural/Forested Watershed" can view it here.  Congratulations, Mitchell!!

Worship in our new meeting space!
Sat. Jan 21 -- EDGE Devo in Columbus
Sun. Jan 22 -- Communion Meal Service at Auburn VFW, 10 AM
Wed. Feb. 1 -- Dinner by Design Midweek
Wed. Feb 8 -- Women's Midweek
Fri. Feb. 9 -- Married Devo in Auburn
Feb. 9-11 -- Marriage Retreat in Chattanooga
Wed. Feb. 15 -- Men's Midweek
Feb. 17-19 -- Singles Retreat in New Orleans
Feb. 24-26 -- Southeast Campus Retreat, Ocoee, TN
Giving on 01/08/2017 was 2597.79
Giving on 01/15/2017 was $1477
Minimum Operating Budget: $2100
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