What a Crowd!
Mike and Marge Gross arrange the meal for hoards of returning campus and visitors.
It was wonderful to see the faces of our much loved campus members this past Sunday.  And the campus members were not alone.  They brought many friends with them to worship. Others brought visitors as well to create a great crowd. It was exciting to feel the buzz in the air as we worshiped together and had a fellowship meal with well stocked tables of wonderful food! 
Markeya Thomas with five medical students she invited to church.
Help serve the homeless! ATCC members will be passing out toiletries at the Salvation Army in Montgomery this Saturday, August 26, at 3:30 PM.  The address is 900 Bell Street.  For more information contact Jessica Delgado.

Inspiring Testimony
Beverly Pratt sharing her story at Sunday's service.
One of our newly baptized members, Beverly Pratt, shared her testimony this past Sunday in church. Listening to it made us so in awe of God and so encouraged that we're sharing the transcript here.

"I was brought up in the Methodist church in my hometown of New Iberia, Louisiana.  My mother loved the Lord, God’s Word and was a prayer warrior.  My father however was an abusive alcoholic.  My mother’s prayers and God’s hand are what carried me through a tumultuous childhood.

When I was 12, I began attending a Baptist church with a friend and I was baptized during a revival.  I was “saved” – done deal.  There was no Bible study on sin or the cross, no discipleship.  I remember feeling alone in those early teen years, longing for security and love. 

I ended up choosing the world’s version.  I was married with children at a very young age.  All this time I continued attending church.  I was there every time the doors opened!  Still searching.  I taught Vacation Bible School, Sunday School, women’s prayer groups, book studies.  Outreach to the community, trying to be good enough, trying to earn my way.

Right there in black and white, John 6:29, Jesus says the work of God is this, to believe in the one He has sent.  How did I miss this?  After all my effort I still felt like I did not measure up.  I was always on the outside looking in.

After thirteen years of marriage I walked away not only from my marriage but from the church.  I walked away from God.  But God didn’t walk away from me.  I continued to search for something to fill the loneliness and inadequacy.  I was the woman at the well.  Deep down I knew Christ was the answer but I didn’t know how to do it.  My foundation was built on self-effort and I had definitely failed at that.

Several years ago I began reading the Bible again and studying the Word.  My love for the Lord and God’s Word began growing.  I also knew that I needed fellowship so I began visiting and attending different churches.  I’d set in church and still feel that hunger, something was missing.  I knew there was more to a life in Christ.  My heart was breaking, there was no fellowship.

Earlier this year I began praying that God would lead me where He wanted me to be.  I was looking online for a church to visit when I came across ATCC’s web site.  I read about the series they were doing, “Re-Church,” and was very interested.  In February I visited for the first time and immediately felt the love of the Lord and true fellowship.  I knew I wanted to be a part of it. 

I began Bible study with Marge, Kat and Alicia.  Wow!  We studies grace, my sin and the cross.  I learned the impact of my sin.  God showed me through his Word that I did not have a true understanding of that when I was baptized at 12.

 So on May 18th I was truly baptized, fully knowing that the old self was crucified with Christ, buried with Christ and raised up with Christ.  Since that day the Holy Spirit lives in me!  I am a new creation because of His frace and mercy!

You know I’ve been amazed talking to all of the students and graduates at the ATCC.  I have been so blessed by their love for the Lord and the Word, but also a little intimidated by their scholarly knowledge!  Well now I can add initials after my name: BA and MA – Born Again and Miraculously Altered!"

Top: our new "Women of Wisdom" discipling group.  Center: scenes from midweek prayer at Town Creek Park. Bottom left: HOPE serving at Monarch Retirement Home.  Bottom right:  Communion Meal.
Sat. Aug. 26 - Salvation Army Project in Montgomery
Sun. Aug. 27- Worship at VFW,  HOPE at Monarch at 2 PM
Mon. Aug. 21 -- HOPE at Monarch, 6:45 PM
Wed. Aug. 30 -- Midweek TBA
Sun. Sept 3 -- House Church Sunday
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