Only Premium Subscribers are guaranteed to survive the Butterpocalypse
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TL;DR: ZOMBIES HAVE EATEN ALL OF THE BUTTER! OK, not really. But supplies are limited, and there's only one way to guarantee that your order of fatCoffee arrives in November.

Bare shelves are not a pretty sight

September and October have been big months for the Ninja Goat: giving 2000 hackers their first taste of fatCoffee; brightening the days of some 300 subscribers to KetoDelivered; selling completely out of fatCoffee Original and Mocha.


Yup. For the first time, we're completely out of our original and mocha flavors of fatCoffee. That picture up there... well, I've never been to a grocery store after a devastating flood or Zombie infestation, but that's probably what it would look like. It's nice to know that even a terrifying un/natural disaster can't move people to buy up all of the spray-on-butter-flavored-aerosol.

But it kind of looks familiar, at least to me:
A couple of weeks ago, that was what was left of the Original and Mocha fatCoffee; now it's all gone.

There is still a small supply of Pumpkin Spice and Milk-Free (Coconut Cream) fatCoffee, so if you haven't had a chance to try those, now is an excellent opportunity to do so. Once they are gone, it could be several months before they're back in stock.

I won't be back in the kitchen until the end of October, and even then I won't be making nearly as much fatCoffee as I want to - this late in the year, as the weather starts to turn chilly, grass-fed milk production starts to wane. As a result, our supplies are constrained.

Could I substitute a cheaper, more readily-available ingredient besides ghee made from 100% grass-fed butter. Well, that's an option... but not one I'm interested in. 

If I can't make fatCoffee as perfect as I would want it for myself, I won't make it at all.

Even the zombies left the Country Crock behind.

Premium Subscribers are Safe

I won't be able to make as large a batch of fatCoffee as I'd like - and it's possible I won't be able to replenish anything other than Original and Mocha. 

But I will definitely have enough fatCoffee - Original, Mocha, Pumpkin Spice and Milk-Free - for my Premium Subscribers.

Why? Because that's what I promised them when they subscribed. Some other folks might be disappointed, and some fatCoffee orders might remain unfilled for another month, but that's the commitment I'm making to the people who are committing to fatCoffee. It only seems fair.

There are many benefits to being a fatCoffee Premium Subscriber besides a guaranteed shipment each month: a guaranteed price lock for the full year of your subscription, extra coffee or tea samples to pair with fatCoffee each month, plus something extra in each box. (This month, we'll be sending the second in a series of four hand-printed, limited edition silk screen prints from local artist Michael Norcross.)

I want to make the fatCoffee Premium Subscription experience truly unique, and stupid-simple for you to try. Click any of the links below to add a Subscription to your cart in a single click:



Pumpkin Spice
But do it soon: I have a good estimate of how much fatCoffee I'm going to be able to make this month, and once there are enough Premium Subscribers to claim it, I'll have to close the subscription window. Don't miss out.

All my best,

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