Cat Toys now come with either Scent or Audible Enrichment!
Our Cat Toys have been very popular for years. Most of you know that scent enrichment is built into the inner ball as a standard benefit. Now, you have a choice! Scent enrichment or audible enrichment? Instead of building the inner ball with scent enrichment inside (see picture below), we replace it with jingle bells. When you access the Cat Toy area on our website, you have the choice of scent or jingles.
The inner scent ball.
“Duties” explained.
A long, long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away?), we discovered that professional handlers wanted to select as many features as possible for items that had direct contact with their animals. Things like color, shape, dimensional size, weight, and, yes, wall thickness were on everyone’s agenda. Some wanted relatively small items with very thick walls, while others wanted exactly the opposite: big items that were relatively light. We needed a way to differentiate. Enter “duties”.

No matter the item’s physical size, its wall thickness (and therefore its weight!) will increase as we progress up the scale of Light – Medium – Heavy – Extra Heavy – and, Severe Heavy Duties. The main issue to remember is that a specific duty, say Heavy Duty, is a different wall thickness on smaller items than on larger items. The wall thicknesses on every item and every duty are published to ease your decision.

Don’t see a wall thickness you want? No problem. Contact us toll-free at 1-866-793-0376 and we will provide a custom quote on exactly what you need.
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"I had a very famous trainer tell me once, 'You can usually train a wild animal but never tame a wild animal, ever.' They are always going to be wild, no matter what anybody says.” 
Jack Hanna
Helping Professionals Mold Enrichment
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