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Top left: J-Moody. Top right: Tipsy Tom. Bottom: Wobble ball

Note: The “wobble action” of each size Tipsy Tom slows as the duty weight increases (Medium, Heavy, Extra Heavy Duty and Severe Heavy Duty). If this is a concern, please inquire.
When you purchase a product from us that includes a clear plastic, that material is almost always polycarbonate. There are other clear plastics, why use this one?

Mostly because it is very strong. This is the same material used on vehicle headlights, motorcycle windshields and eyeglasses. A form of polycarbonate is used in bullet-proof glass.

Our optically clear feeders are fabricated using this amazing material to minimize fractures or splintering. 

Our mirrored products also use a clear polycarbonate protective sheet in front of a PETG Plastic Mirror. The PETG material is another very impact-resistant material.

We have a short video of the testing of this material if you’d care to see it. Just ask.
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