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All our Fabricated Feeders are made from high-impact polycarbonate which is much stronger than acrylic. All feeders come with enclosed eye bolts for hanging with a carabiner, are key lockable, and all can be cleaned with common dish soap.
*Fabricated feeders include: Seven Pack Feeder, Shaker Feeder, Puzzle Feeder, Brain Teaser Feeder and Bamboozle Feeder. 
When you purchase a mirrored product like our Looky Lou or Rocky Lou, you actually get (2) layers of clear Polycarbonate plastic and (1) of mirrored PETG plastic. Why?
First, early on, the mirror material was either Acrylic or Polycarbonate. We found the Acrylic Mirror to be weaker than we wanted. The Polycarbonate was certainly strong enough but more costly and tended to scratch easier. Enter PETG Mirror!
PETG Mirror is the best of both worlds. It is very strong and, yet, priced in the range of Acrylic. Nice! We have a video of an impact test if you want to see it.
Why the Polycarbonate? To protect the surface finish of the PETG Mirror. We ship your mirrored item with (1) Polycarb CLEAR Cover on the top layer and another one on the back side to be used on the front side when the original becomes too scratched. Kind of like a built-in spare tire. This way, the mirror is always protected.
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