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Have you ever had to move an animal out of an enclosure and encountered various obstacles in achieving this task? Were you faced with the obstacle of a crate getting bogged down in the dirt when pushing or pulling it? What about the emergency stretcher that was too small for the animal and hard to carry for staff?

If you answered Yes then this product line is for you!

Help your furry friends by making it easier to help them!

It is difficult and sometimes very emotional in attempting to move an injured animal to professional care. You want the very best for them and certainly do not want to complicate any injuries, but how to do that safely and quickly?

We are Wildlife Toy Box. For over 20 years, we have been an important supplier of animal enrichment and animal feeders to professional animal organizations worldwide.

We are proud to announce a major new product line that addresses key concerns at professional animal organizations from zoos to sanctuaries, entertainment venues, search & rescue organizations, animal emergency hospitals, and veterinarians.

These initial products are purpose-built to be easily used. They are available in small sizes meant for dog/cat sized animals to very large animals weighing up to 3,000 pounds. They can be sized so humans can carry an animal safely (from a vehicle into an animal hospital, for instance) all the way up to one with winch capability!

Notice the number, design, and placement of the hand/strap holes on all of our backboards and slip sheets. This way, many animal sizes and strapping configurations can be accommodated.

Selection. Strength. Ease of use. Attractive price.

Rescue Products

To learn more click on the above link or HERE to access the website. The links direct you to the homepage of the website. There is a column to the left of the screen, click on Rescue Products.

Because this is a new product introduction, we have several acquisition options, including free! Ask HERE for details.

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