New book release for middle-grade readers.
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A Super New Book

Wanted: A Superhero to Save the World
 is an exciting good-versus-evil battle between a brother-sister superhero team and the evil Mephisto. The target reading age is 8 to 12 years old, but I'm sure older readers will enjoy it as well.

Eddie Hertz is a 12-year-old genius who patrols the streets of Nirvana, hoping to foil the schemes of the evil Mephisto. Being small for his age, Eddie relies on a Batman-style gadgets belt and acrobatic skills as well as street smarts and ingenuity.

Eddie has a dream, to become like Damocles, Nirvana’s great superhero. To accomplish that goal, Eddie invented a device that theoretically will endow him with superpowers, but using it on himself could be dangerous, maybe even fatal, so he doesn’t have the nerve to try it.

When Mephisto unleashes an earthquake machine to terrorize the city, Eddie gains a surprising ally — his quirky eight-year-old sister, Samantha, who comes up with an unexpected way to help in the frantic battle to prevent the impending destruction.

This new book by Bryan Davis is scheduled to come out in September. You can order it now at this link -

My Current Projects

Now that I have finished my superhero story as well as a book for adults that I am trying to get published (more news on that at another time), I am concentrating on a new science-fiction series for young adults, tentatively entitled Nebula Nine: Search for the Astral Dragon.

This is a fun story so far, and I am excited to see where the tale goes.

Testimony Time:

I now have a testimonials page with more than 200 testimonials from readers.

Check it out here -

Greetings Mr. Davis,

Though it was quite some time ago, your first young adult novels had a profound impact on my spiritual growth as a teen; and a much-belated and much-deserved thanks is due.

Writing to you a decade down the road since I came across these books, it's been placed on my heart to express my gratitude for your authorship of Dragons in Our Midst. Specifically, I'd like to thank you for Billy and Bonnie, who set a Christ-centered example which carried me through those young impressionable years into spiritual maturity and the fullness of our Lord's Life. These role models became a subconscious standard; one which, now I see, clearly protected me from many many dangerous turns off the narrow path.

I didn't realize how much Bonnie's example of purity, humility, perseverance, and faith truly directed my shaky steps as a new Christian back when I was so young and lost. Likewise, Billy and Bonnie's relationship served as a guide which I greatly needed as I grew up surrounded by the lies of this world.

Encouraged by Christ through these characters to live in simple wisdom and innocence - I rejoice in being able to live, serve, fall in love, and worship God His way.

Your mentorship has poured through these characters and into countless individuals, I'm sure. I wish you could see the amount of change these works have brought about in your readers lives.

All things considered, your pen helped changed my life, and I will never be able to thank our Father enough for it.

No response is needed, goodness knows what you're busy writing next.


God has surely used you to bless me. I look forward to meeting you when we're called Home.

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