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Issues that Affect our Neighborhood
Wed, Sept 14th, Commission Meeting, full agenda

C4G, Height increase Alton Road -  WAvNA OPPOSES
Height allowed now is 50 ft. This is a proposal to increase by 25 ft, total 75 ft. This

R5G, Prohibit suite-hotel in West Avenue neighborhood - WAvNA  SUPPORTS
Since 2004, 685 apartment units in our neighborhood have obtained a license to convert into a hotel or hotel-suite, thus displacing naturally occurring affordable housing for residents that live and work on the beach. In 2010, hotels were prohibited. This ordinance, sponsored by Commissioner Mark Samuelian upon recommendation by WAvNA, will grandfather in the existing 11 suit-hotels, but will prohibit any more.

R5R, New restrictions scooter rental - WAvNA SUPPORTS
This is a citywide proposal to reign n the proliferation of scooter rentals, which happen to be mostly used by tourists. Rental scooters park are being used as toys and "amusement park rides" that terrorize pedestrians and cause traffic accidents. Also, illegally on the street, thus limiting parking spaces for residents, especially residents that pay for parking permits.

R7H, Generators for pumps. 
Currently, city law requires new pump stations to include permanent generators. This proposal would instead have permanent pumps decided on a case by case basis.

Commission Meeting
Join webinar at:; or Dial: 1-929-205-6099 or 888-475-4499 (Toll Free) Webinar ID: 87066995212#
October 14, 2020 - 8:30 AM
Wed Oct 28th, 3:00pm, Special Commission Meeting, Phase II Renovation
  • Discussion and update regarding West Ave Renovation Phase II and Lincoln Rd Pump.  Zoom link not available yet. Info here.   Please watch this video beforehand.
Tues, Nov 3rd, Design Review Board
  • 1420 -1508 Bay Road, Flamingo Point. About Bebito's Cafe and an upcoming restaurant that faces Bay Rd. Request to increase outdoor seating from 120 total to 215 total, from 40 seats outdoor to 60 seats outdoor. Staff report. The original Oct 6th meeting had many residents voicing their opinion (video) . DRB took no position,  the item will be continued to Nov.  
Seawall Discussion that took place Oct 6th, hosted by the city. Here is video of that meeting
Watch Video Before Oct 28th Phase II Meeting
Pura Vida Cafe, 959 West Avenue, opens Thurs, Oct 15th bringing life to West Avenue. Delicious healthy drinks and food.
West Avenue Neighborhood Assoc. Board of Directors:
Shawn Patrick Bryant
Tim Carr
Gregg Chislett
Travis Copeland
Gayle Durham
Alan Frank
Brian Keene
Corinne Kirkland
Amy Litos
Sample Ballot, Six (6) Miami Beach Questions
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