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WAvNA Meeting
Tuesday, Oct 1, 2019
6:00pm Refreshments, 6:30pm Call to Order
1330 West Ave, Waverly Condominium

1. Miami-Dade County Commissioner Eileen Higgins Will Discuss Biscayne Bay and Public Transportation.
2. City Staff Presents Landscaping & Trees for West Ave Renovation Phase II
3. Expanding Zone for Residential Parking Permits
4. Introducing Candidates for Commission:
  • Kristen Rosen-Gonzalez, Group 4
  • Blake Young, Group 6
  • Commissioner Ricky Arriola, Group 5
  • Stephen Cohen, Group 5
  • Steven Meiner, Group 4
WAvNA Accomplishments 2019
  • Promoted responsible development at 500-600 block which includes a new public park
  • Successfully lobbied to add Baywalk as a G.O. Bond project
  • Improved design of the West Avenue pedestrian bridge
  • Helped developers maintain safe pedestrians areas during construction (Monad Terrace & Trader Joe's)
  • Helped code compliance address sanitation issues and standing water on abandoned developer site at 1414 West
  • Helped Oliver's restaurant with permits that enabled them to be competitive and remain in the neighborhood.
  • Formed Condo Directors Club to share condo board challenges & best practices
  • Formed Safety Committee to remove graffiti and litter
  • Increased attention from police on traffic enforcement
  • Called attention to pumps polluting Biscayne Bay
  • Stopped rideshare vehicles from double parking and on Bay Road and helped Flamingo Pointe create pickup/drop off areas
  • Two hour parking time limits to open up more street parking spaces
  • Added residential permit parking on Bay Road
  • Crosswalks created on Bay Road
  • Crosswalk created by Trader Joe's
  • Citi Bike station installed by Trader Joe's
  • Improved protected bike lane on West Avenue
  • Dog bag stations installed on Baywalk
  • A trash can on every corner throughout the neighborhood
  • Helped city to remove trash daily from sidewalk, swale, and gutter-much cleaner neighborhood
  • Enhanced landscaping and cleanliness at Whole Foods
  • Landscape along Dade Blvd from Belle Island to Alton Road. Over 100 trees planted.
  • Sprinkler system installed to keep this landscape and trees alive
  • Sprinkler systems repaired throughout right-of-way
  • Remove boats illegally docked at street-ends
  • Signage to prohibit fishing on Baywalk making safer for pedestrians
Join Commissioner Góngora, Crown Castle, and City Staff to discuss placement of Small Cell Wireless Facilities (5G).
Tuesday, October 1st, 5 PM
Miami Beach City Hall
Commission Chambers - 3rd Floor
1700 Convention Center Drive
West Avenue Neighborhood Assoc. Board of Directors:
Shawn Patrick Bryant
Tim Carr
Gregg Chislett
Travis Copeland
Gayle Durham
Brian Keene
Corinne Kirkland
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