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Issues that Affect our Neighborhood
Commission, April 21, 8:30am to 6pm
Join webinar at:; or Dial: 1-301-715-8592 or 888-475-4499 (Toll Free) Webinar ID: 81392857671#

•    1510 Bay Rd, item R5K - Flamingo Point is proposing to construct an additional tower on their property.  The developer is entitled to a 140’ tall tower requiring a 47’ setback from the property line, but they are requesting a zoning change to allow a 300’ tower with only a 27’ setback.

WAvNA opposes this zoning ordinance change because it is out of proportion with the adjoining neighborhood, would  cast long shadows, block views, and overall change the neighborhood's character. Also, reducing setbacks in such a significant way eliminates site lines and harms the property value of adjacent homes. A 300 ft tower sets a precedent that if allowed opens the door to significantly raise the height for future developments. This proposed up-zoning ordinance adds no value or benefit to the neighborhood.

•   Reduce Alcohol Hours in the Entertainment District, Item R5O - WAvNA sees a need for a comprehensive citywide plan to control crowds and reduce crime and applauds this effort as outlined in  Mayor's 12 Step Plan . However, WAvNA opposes any plan that limits alcohol in the Ocean Drive entertainment district while keeping alcohol flowing in our neighborhood until 5am.  The outcome only steers the party zone to our residential neighborhood. Can the Mayor improve his plan by taking into consideration the concerns of residential neighborhoods?
Meet the Inspector General
Inspector General Zooms with WAvNA
Tuesday, April 27th, 6pm to 7pm 
(stay tuned for link to Zoom)

Submit your questions during the zoom in the "chat" or beforehand email

Questions we submitted so far:  
  • The city charter requires any increase in FAR to be voted on in a referendum? However, there is a new project in our neighborhood that the commission may decide to increase height and FAR based on "vacating" a public street. Can the IG give an official opinion on the legality of circumventing the city charter which requires any increase in FAR to be voted on in a referendum?
  • Will the IG investigate the cause of high fecal matter in Biscayne Bay?
Update - Public Park
The public park completes in 3 months. Tower groundbreaking in 4 wks.

Tower at 500 Alton, the Development Agreement includes:
•    518 feet tall. Total units 330
•    No requirement of condo vs rental apartment
•    Maximum 33 short term rental units allowed but not less than 30 days
•    Maximum of 9 units may be used as" hotel" units, but only available to residents of the tower

Commercial structure next to park at 600 Alton, Conditional Use Permit
•    Restaurant/bar hrs of operation 6am to 2am, 7 days a week
•    No outdoor bar counter
•    Maximum number of seats is 600
•    No special event permits for alcohol
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