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New Public Park Proposal
Crescent Heights is building the 500 ft tower and public park at 500-700 Alton Road. A new proposal has emerged that effects this area. Here is a summary of that proposal as presented to the Chamber of Commerce, Tuesday, March 9, 2021 by Russell Galbut, the CEO of Crescent Heights.

The Community Health Center at 710 Alton Rd is county-owned and needs major repair. In order to rebuild the Community Health Center and expand the 3 acre park to 4 acres, there is a proposal in the works being discussed by Crescent Heights, the city of Miami Beach, county commissioner Eileen Higgins, and FDOT. The proposal looks like this:

The upcoming commercial building owned by Crescent Heights located inside the 3-acre public park will be deeded to the city and expand the park by 1 acre for a total of a 4-acre park. The FAR from this commercial building will be transferred to the adjacent county owned Community Health Center. The Community Health Center property would then swap their property with Crescent Heights who would rebuild the Community Health Center across the street on land the developer already owns. In order to increase height, the developer would ask the city to extend the Gateway Overlay north so that the developer can build a 127 ft commercial building where the Community Health Center previously existed and where the tire store previously existed. This zoning change requires 6 out of 7 commission votes of approval.

The county would also like a public library on top of the new Community Health Center. The county will pay 100% for construction of the library and the developer would pay 100% of the cost to construct the health center, except the county would also chip in $600,000 which would have otherwise gone to repair the existing health center.

The new commercial building at 710 Alton Rd would be 127 ft tall, which is 10 feet higher than the Federated building, and 120,000 SF of leasable space plus a parking garage. Retail stores located on the ground floor of the new 127 ft commercial building would face south towards the public park. All ingress and egress would happen on Alton Rd (not West Ave.)

Also, news about the 500 ft tower at 500 Alton was mentioned. The tower will break ground in 45 days from today (April 23rd). The developer desires to begin building the pedestrian bridge at the same time he pours foundation for tower but the city instead wants the bridge built after the tower is completed, after the tower’s cranes are all removed.
Aerial of the existing plan for tower and 3 acre park. Click here to see developer's proposal to expand park to 4 acres.
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New proposal, public park looking south at new commercial building where the Community Health Center now sits.
New proposal, from public park looking east.
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