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WAvNA Meeting
Tuesday, Sept 3, 2019
6:00pm Refreshments, 6:30pm Call to Order
1330 West Ave, Waverly Condominium

1. Enforcement Updates, South Sector Police, Captain Mimi Pfrogner
2. Mayor Dan Gelber Q&A
3. Baptist to describe expanded services, Article
3. Terminal Island project project
4. Candidate for Commission, Michael Barrineau
5. Candidate for Commission, Adrian Gonzalez
6. Candidate for Commission, Rafael Velasquez
Planning Board, Sept 24, 9:00AM
  1. Expand Services at Baptist
  2. Increase Use RM2 Bayfront (aka Capri)
Design Review, Sept 3, 8:30AM
  1. 5th St Pedestrian Bridge
  2. Bigger Signs 1212 Lincoln
  3. Bigger Signs 1570 Alton Rd
City wins Airbnb lawsuit  Article
Condos with a baywalk can request "No Fishing" sign from Jose Del Risco, Assistant Parks Director:  
Contact Elected Officials:
New! BAR ONE, 520 West Ave. Article
Former Epicure property becoming nine seperate retail shops. Article
A pilot program to expand entertainment? Really? Instead, can someone ban entertainment in residential neighborhoods and create a pilot program to better enforce existing noise ordinance.

WAvNA Candidate Endorsement Policy - As an organization, WAvNA shall not endorse, oppose or financially support candidates running for elective office in any governmental jurisdiction. In addition, no individual WAvNA director may publicly endorse or provide financial support to any candidate where their title as an officer or director of WAvNA appears in such endorsement or list of supporters. Directors are encouraged to avoid situations where their election-related activities may be construed as an endorsement by WAvNA. These guidelines do not preclude a director from exercising his or her individual right to support candidates or from attending events sponsored by candidates or their supporters. (copy right South of Fifth, Inc)
West Avenue Neighborhood Assoc. Board of Directors:
Shawn Patrick Bryant
Tim Carr
Gregg Chislett
Travis Copeland
Gayle Durham
Brian Keene
Corinne Kirkland
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