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City Not Engaged With Residents
Proposals Pass Amid Strong Resident Opposition
Process is Broken

Dear Residents,

There has been a distressing trend over the past 5 years, resident rights have taken a back seat to profits for developers and the entertainment industry. For example, the city is using loopholes,over and over, to sell public property and increase F.A.R. without approval by voters which is required per city law. The latest assault is by the Planning Board which continues to rubber stamp every request for live entertainment and late night rooftop bars.

The absence of notification of a humongous pump station that is 18 ft tall and 120 feet long smack in front of our homes is a prelude to what is coming.

This effects our neighborhood because we are anticipating to become the new entertainment district. Every bad behavior we experience on Ocean Drive is now positioned to relocate onto Alton Road.

The next Wavna newsletter will list our specific concerns.

We welcome your feedback
West Avenue Neighborhood Assoc. Board of Directors:

Shawn Patrick Bryant
Tim Carr
Gregg Chislett
Gayle Durham
Alan Frank
Brian Keene
Corinne Kirkland
Amy Litos

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