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Townhall - Minutes of the Meeting
Townhall with the Mayor
Monday, Dec 14, 2020
Purpose: To learn updates on projects. To voice our opinion and concerns to the Mayor.

Height Increase on Alton Road
The Mayor has proposed a height increase along Alton Road for the purpose of incentivizing office development. The proposal does not have enough commission support (yet). The Mayor stated that he received many letters from residents opposing the height increase on Alton Road.
Pedestrian Bridge
The pedestrian bridge over 5th Street, which is funded by the GO Bond, has changed the construction time table. Instead of the project beginning in the first tranche of the GO Bond, the developer wants to begin the bridge constructions at the same time the tower begins construction. The updated rendering is below.
West Avenue Phase II
Construction begins Dec 2021. It will be done in segments (2 to 3 blocks per segment). Each segment will be completed top to bottom from underground to landscaping before moving on to the next segment.  Contractors will be working on the south end (8th to 14th Street) and north end (17th to 14th Street) at the same time. The south end will complete in 2023, the north end in 2025.
Neighborhood Affairs Division
Kevin Pulido introduced  himself  as  the  new  Neighborhood  Affairs  Division  Manager. He explained that prior to this new division, departments had their own individual public outreach staff. With the  ew  Neighborhood  Affairs  Division there are three  neighborhood  affairs coordinators where  each  coordinator  specializes in  either  North,  Mid,  or  South  Beach. These coordinators are responsible for answering any questions residents may have in their area such as questions on slow streets, Phase II, pump stations, etc.  Lauren Firtel is the Neighborhood Affairs Coordinator for south beach,
This past weekend the Police began a new strict enforcement initiative. So far, 87 moving violation tickets were issued. No tickets for illegal mufflers yet, but the enforcement will continue until January. The Chief stated that the purpose of the new initiative is to set the tone on the behavior that is acceptable in our city. There are 413 uniformed officers.
Bikes Stolen
Bikes stolen in the West Avenue neighborhood are mainly occurring when thieves enter private property to steal a bike. Chief urges bikers to visit the police department to register your bike. That way, when police stop a suspicious person or find an abandoned bike they can locate the owner.
Our homeless population migrates in and out of city, on average staying in Miami Beach for 60 days. Our City partners with three shelters. Also our Homeless Resource Dept can get jobs immediately for the homeless but they usually do not take up the offer.
Masks During Covid
Officers ask people to wear a mask and if they do not have one the police give them one. Police gave away 6,000 masks so far. Wear your mask and LET'S FINISH STRONG!
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