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Attn: Miami Beach Candidates
If you want our vote then pledge to improve West Ave hood.
  • I pledge to finish the Baywalk. I will negotiate for rights with the two remaining properties which are Bay View Terrace at 1228 West Ave & Bay Garden Manor at 1250 West Ave.
  • I pledge to fix 6th Street pump that is spilling mysterious black water into Bay.
  • I pledge to oppose up-zoning that will add commercial uses like restaurants, bars, and night clubs in residential-only zones. (Note, we recently defeated the WoW project which would have negatively changed the character of our neighborhood).
  • I pledge to improve trolley service. I will reduce maximum wait time to 15 minutes (currently the official maximum wait time in South Beach is 25 minutes). Also, I will have bus stops power washed on a regular schedule because they so filthy they are unusable.
  • I pledge to appoint members that are resident-friendly to the Land Use Boards because what we have now are members that bow to developers allowing elimination of parking spaces, setbacks, landscaping and shade trees.
Candidates for Mayor and Commission, November 2019
6th Street pump station
Contact Elected Officials:,,,,
No Wavna meeting July or August
See you in September

Important Agenda Items

July 17th, City Commission,8:30AM, full agenda
  • C4W proposed to allow expanded commercial uses at the Capri Condo
  • R7C finalizing the pedestrian bridge over MacArthur Causeway (yes, yes, yes, no brainer)
  • R7J  increasing mayor's term from 2 to 4 years.
  • R7K  Increasing mayor's salary from $10,000 to $75,636 and commission $6k to $45,381.
  • R7O  "PERMITTING THE CONVERSION OR ADAPTIVE REUSE OF SURPLUS OR NON-REQUIRED PARKING SPACES IN BUILDINGS WITH NO AVAILABLE FLOOR AREA." This would allow parking spaces in more than 240 garages to convert into other uses like stores, restaurants and bars. While seemingly innocuous, we are aware of one condo building where a developer is lobbying to create an out-door bar counter in his parking spaces in a garage area of a residential building.
July 23rd, Planning Board
  • Item #2, Progress report on the Mondrian noise violation.( It's the 3rd report, exhausting the neighbors and doubtless few if any will show up in midsummer.)

July 24, Land Use, 9:00AM
  • Proposal to expand entertainment ordinance. (This initiative fell on deaf ears at townhall meeting held July 11th at Murano. Over 100 residents objecting. And only two residents supporting it, including candidate for commission Rafael Valesquez.) Iten #2 -
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