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Commission Candidates Answer Questionnaire about Density
How our city is growing and the size of development projects is an issue that resonates with the voters.

In response to a legal issue playing out right now between the city of Miami Beach and the developer of 500 Alton, a candidate questionnaire was created to find out how each candidate felt about density, size and F.A.R. of development projects:

At its November 1, 2019 meeting, the Board of Adjustment voted in favor of allowing the developer of the 500 Alton Road tower to add habitable space to the development, overturning an administrative decision by the Planning Director as to the manner in which allowable floor area ratio (“FAR”) is to be calculated. [ZBA Case 19-0097].
In his Letter to Commission dated November 5, 2019 [LTC 595-2019], City Manager Jimmy L. Morales advised the Mayor and Commissioners that the City Attorney in concert with, and at the direction of the City Manager, is filing an appeal of the decision of the Board of Adjustment, to the Circuit Court Appellate Division for judicial review

1. Vote in support of initiating and then continuing the appeal to the Circuit Court, to overturn the decision of the Zoning Board of Adjustment?

 2. Sponsor legislation and then vote in favor of such legislation, to codify the Planning Director’s administrative decision as to how FAR is calculated in Miami Beach, that the developer sought to overturn in the developer’s appeal to the Board of Adjustment?

Below is summarized interpretation of each candidate answer. Complete questionnaire with answers click here.

Group 4
Kristen Rosen-Gonzalez – Yes, Yes
Stephen Meiner – Yes, Yes

Group 5
Ricky Arriola – Yes, Maybe
Raquel Pacheco – Yes, Yes

Group 6
Adrian Gonzalez – Yes, Yes
David Richardson – Yes, Maybe

This is not an endorsement of any position on the issue but is for informational purposes for upcoming election Nov 19
Voting is Tuesday, November 19, 7AM - 7PM
Location at your regular voting station
Even if you did not vote Nov 5, you can vote now
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