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Nine (9) Issues Affecting Our Neighborhood
PLANNING BOARD, Monday July 27th, 9:00 AM

Item #15 - Firestone, 1575 Alton Road - Application for Neighborhood Impact Establishment  details
  • WAvNA Opposes turning Alton Road into the Entertainment Zone. The applicant requests 550 seat venue with 130 seats outside, serving alcohol until late night, live entertainment, no onsite parking, valet route to circle the neighborhood.  

Planning Board Meeting
Monday, July 27, 2020, 9:00 AM | Virtual Meeting

Webinar link:, or dial in via telephone 888-475-4499  webinar ID: 863 5871 9693. Residents wishing to speak during meeting, click “raise hand” icon if using the Zoom or press *9 on the telephone to “raise hand”.

COMMISSION MEETING, Wednesday July 29th, 8:30 AM
C4D Referral to Neighbors Committee to implement policy requiring prompt notification to homeowners and neighborhood associations on upcoming projects and changes to projects (Sponsor Commissioner Meiner)
  • Wavna SUPPORTS – Prompt notification is necessary, especially as changes may take place throughout the West Ave project that residents need to be alerted to.
  C4F Referral to Planning Board, remove suite-hotels (Sponsor Commissioner Samuelian)
  • Wavna SUPPORTS – The neighborhood's preference is to have full time residents rather than transient.
  C7W  A one-year pilot program for moped sharing services (Sponsor Arriola)
  • Wavna OPPOSES - This only adds to the proliferation of tourists riding wildly throughout our street. There are already vehicle and bicycle sharing programs that accommodate those seeking such services.
  R5J To allow rooftop movie theater and bar (Sponsor Commissioner Arriola) First reading 2:55pm
  • Wavna OPPOPSES - Residents living adjacent are pulling their hair out, angry over probable noise and light pollution. The movie screen will be able to show movies in the daylight, not just evening, movies and possibly sporting events with cheering crowds. The applicant revised his plan and will now show up to 3 movies per day instead of just one; operating hours from 4:30PM to 1AM.  Currently, special permits are prohibited in this area and this proposed ordinance does not change that. But a rooftop bar and movie theater is essentially a special event 7 days a week and this is unacceptable. 
  R5K To allow ballrooms in zone RM-2 when an accessory to a hotel (Sponsor Commissioner Arriola) Second reading 5:01pm.
  • Wavna OPPOSES. However, we will not oppose if the area is limited to north of Dade Blvd. Otherwise the Mondain Hotel at 1100 West Ave can add a ballroom across the street which is a residential neighborhood.
  R5Q To require the Design Review Board an advisory review of right-of-way/neighborhood projects (Sponsored by Commissioner Samuelian) First Reading
  • Wavna SUPPORTS – This would allow those residents affected by city projects to attend a recorded meeting and have their voices heard.
  R5L To allow Pure Pharmacy to expand their store at West Avenue (Sponsor Commissioner Samuelian)
  • Wavna SUPPORTS - Pure Pharmacy is an important neighborhood pharmacy that provides unique services.
R5U To impose certain restrictions on scooter, moped, motorcycle, motorized bicycles (Sponsor Samuelian, co-sponsor Meiner) First Reading
  • Wavna SUPPORTS completely prohibiting moped rentals - Moped ownership by residents is encouraged, however, the vast majority of moped rentals are used by tourists as toys for entertainment purpose, not for transportation.  We must stop having our streets used like an amusement park. There are other alternative transportation modes: Uber, taxi, Citi Bike, trolley, bus.

Commission Meeting
Wednesday, July 29, 2020, 8:30 AM | Virtual Meeting

 Join webinar at:; or Dial: 888-475-4499 Webinar ID: 85224811868# Residents wishing to speak during meeting, click “raise hand” icon if using the Zoom or press *9 on the telephone to “raise hand”.

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West Avenue Neighborhood Assoc. Board of Directors:

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Gayle Durham
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