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It has been a fantastic month. My new 7 yr old arrived from Germany. His name is Caspar and I'm excited to get started with him. (Caspar and Anne pictured left) My students have been very successful at WEF. So great to see them applying all they have learned in their lessons to the show ring.

I had a blast judging American Equestrians Got Talent. The performers were fantastic, singing and dancing. Very impressive! There was a huge audience watching, cheering and judging. A percentage of the proceeds go to USEF High Performance Athlete Funding, which helps fund our Olympic teams in Rio this summer.

I have been enjoying showing Motto and Mirium Mclure Adam's horse, Armado. They have both earned outstanding ribbons in very tough competition. I am very proud of them. I enjoyed seeing and helping eventer Doug Payne while he was in town for the Wellington Eventing Showcase.

This month I answer the RJM member question "How do I correct a horse that has a significant drift when jumping down a line?" Members log in here to see the answer in the Ask Anne Forum. We have reorganized the member site to make it easier to navigate. We are adding more clinic footage and a quick tips section.

For competition updates and videos follow my blog.

Happy Riding!

How to properly shorten and lengthen your stirrups
by Anne Kursinski
Lengthening and shortening your stirrups correctly is important. It takes practice to master, but then it becomes effortless.

For safety, it is important to keep your foot in the stirrup while you lengthen and shorten. If you are on a young horse, fresh horse, or a golf cart flies by, or you are out fox hunting, you can immediately be in a secure position.

To shorten my stirrup, I raise my foot as I pull the leather up. Then with my thumb, I unfasten the post, slide the buckle up and put the post in the correct hole. It is the same to lengthen it. Raise your foot, pull up on the stirrup leather, unfasten the post with your thumb. Once the buckle is undone, push down on the stirrup to lengthen it. Then put the post in the correct hole. Pull down on the leather to lock the buckle up against the stirrup bar. Slip the end of the leather in the keeper on the saddle flap and your are ready to go.

Do this every time with your left hand and right hand, and it will become automatic.

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