November is CDH awareness month

This November our community will come together to raise the profile of congenital diaphragmatic hernia.
Why is raising awareness important?

A generation ago, 90% of CDH babies passed away. The survivors coming through now are the first children with more complex CDH presentations to survive; therefore, management of their ongoing health can be a case of "trial and error".

Adding to the challenges, CDH is not well known across all sectors of the medical community and being considered a rare defect, families often face delays in receiving an accurate diagnosis and appropriate medical care.

We urge families around Australia to help us raise awareness for CDH.

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CDH Sunflower Sunday is our main fundraising event of the year. Funds raised are vital to continue our work supporting CDH families.
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Use your social media accounts to raise awareness with your friends and family. Share our posts and add a CDH frame to your profile pic on Facebook.
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Every donation counts

􀀀 $10 allows us to reach out to support people in hospitals
􀀀 $50 provides a Care Package for a newly diagnosed family
􀀀 $100 provides dinner for a recently bereaved family
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Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH) occurs when there is a hole in the diaphragm, which is the thin sheet of muscle separating the chest from the abdomen.
When this gap forms during a fetus's development in the womb, the bowel, stomach or even the liver can move into the chest cavity, inhibiting lung growth and compromising the heart.

Each week, two families will be told their child has CDH. This is a scary diagnosis for a family to receive. The condition can be life-threatening and cause ongoing complications. In fact, the survival rate is only 50%.
Over 100 families will be affected by congenital diaphragmatic hernia in Australia this year but with no known cause, or cure, only half of these families will have the opportunity to take their new baby home.
When most families receive the diagnosis, it’s the first time they’ve heard of the condition. Families are shattered by the loss of their child and CDH survivors can face major health problems and surgeries. Emotional support is vital through-out the journey.
CDH Australia is a network of volunteers and families who have undertaken the goal of providing support to families affected by CDH. 

We're the only charity in Australia supporting these families. Our vision is for no family to face CDH alone. 

Please join us for CDH Sunflower Sunday on 15 November and let's conquer CDH together.

Let's conquer CDH together.


No family to face CDH alone.

Please reach out, we're here for you.

We support families throughout their CDH journey; expectant parents of a baby diagnosed with CDH, families caring for a CDH child, adults with CDH, and bereaved families. 

Our support service team members are parents with personal experience of CDH who understand the issues families face and will support you with compassion and empathy.

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