5 Areas To Nurture To Experience Greater Fulfillment.  

First, what does fulfillment really mean?

So many people are waking up today, looking around, and wondering, “Whose life am I living and how did I get here?
In an overloaded convenience economy, with every move being public and every post showing the fabulousness of everyone else’s life, it can be easy to lose sight about what your ‘fulfillment’ means. 
That’s why it is so important that each of us sets our own specific definition for what our ideal life looks like. Because one thing for sure, if we don’t set your own direction, there is a long line up of people and profit-hungry service providers that will.
Please don’t let this happen to you. 
One of the ways to make sure it doesn’t, is to consistently nurture what I call the five foundational sources of fulfillment, they are:
Clarity.  Confidence. Community. Commitment. Capability.
What happens when you build these sources in your life? 
  • the saboteurs (Overload, Convenience, Blindspot, and Fear) can no longer unconsciously take over your life direction.
  • you’ve S-L-O-W-E-D down enough to discover and define what you actually want.
  • you’ve embraced your imperfections.
  • you’ve learned to confront your life challenges with grace;
    •  and, you recognize when you are getting in your own way.
  • you’ve built up your internal and external resources to keep you on track;
    • and, this includes relationships that are serving you and you them.
So how do we get to that?
How do we build up the 5 foundational sources of fulfillment to a degree that they serve us to live a full life?

I'm talking, a life where we experience more and suffer less.  

Let's take a closer look at each of the 5 Foundations of Fulfillment, and as you do, notice how you feel when you answer each question.

#1. Clarity
Are you are clear about what you want and need?

Looks Like: You know your values; you have clearly defined goals and direction; you can stay focused for long periods of time; you are comfortable saying no to the things that don’t serve you.
YOU: feel motivated and clear; can make quick decisions; feel a sense of purpose.
The result: You know where to focus your vital energy, spending time & money on the things that matter most, and feel great about it.

#2. Community
Have you have cultivated connections & relationships that serve you and you them? 

Looks Like: People in your life that love and support you. You have people you can trust and that will be honest with you. You have relationships that lift you up, make you feel good, and help you be your best self, and this includes your service providers. 
YOU: feel connected and supported; you know who to trust and where to go for help; you are inspired and are learning from your tribe.
The result: you have the resources, support, and love you need to actualize your greatest life vision.

#3. Commitment
Do you take on commitments, and get them done?

Looks Like: you do what you say you will do; seldom breaking promises to yourself; people rely and depend on you; you get many things done.
YOU: feel proud and accomplished.  
The result: you get shit done! 

*Notice, that I'm not saying that you get "the right shit done".  Commitment without aligned clarity leads to a life of accomplishing many things only to look back and say, "I guess that wasn't as important as I thought."   

You might begin to see how these foundations are highly related.  The health of each foundational element of fulfillment highly impacts the other. 

#4. Capability
Do you have the capabilities to achieve what you desire?

Looks Like: you have developed or resourced the skills required to achieve your desires; others trust your work; you have earned the respect of peers; recognized with awards and accomplishments.
YOU: you are able to get things done efficiently; you more likely to feel confident and proud; you are less dependent on others.
The result: you get more things done, better; make fewer mistakes, and enjoy a higher earning capacity. 

*Consider what it looks like to have high capability but low commitment?  = unrealized potential
Or, what high capability and low clarity look like?  = spinning 

#5. Confidence
Do you have the confidence to show up at your best?

Looks Like: you showing up fully engaged; you standing up for what you value; you can say no; you embracing your imperfections and readily own up to your mistakes; you can ask for help when you need it; you attract people into your life that want to support you.
YOU: feel powerful and potent; you feel like you have worth; you have a deep knowing of who you are and what you are capable of.
The result: you process your fears in a way that allows you to move through them with grace; you tackle large challenges; you stand tall as the beautifully complex imperfect person that you are.
Okay, by this time, you might be experiencing overload, as this is a lot of information.
But please stay with me, because what I know for sure is that after spending tens of thousands of dollars, many years, and hours, in navigating my fulfillment GAPs, as well as working with my clients to do the same, is that applying this stuff works!
Above, I introduced each foundational component with a question, for example, with CONFIDENCE, I asked, "Do you have the confidence to show up at your best?"

Asking these questions in regards to your life, in general, is helpful to give you a sense, but to be honest, I was setting you up.
I did what way too many programs do today; I oversimplified the incredibly complex topic of you. Asking you to evaluate how you are doing in “life” is way too broad of an approach.
You gain way more insight by narrowing your focus to a specific category of your life, which is what the worksheet linked directly below allows you to do. 

Click here or directly below to access it. 

Click HERE to go the worksheet where you can rate yourself of the Foundations of Fulfillment. 

Hopefully, at this point, you see the value in getting specific and explicit about your life.
I’ve been using this explicit approach and developing different ways to slice and dice “life” for over 17 years, and the practice never ends.
If you keep asking questions, you’ll keep getting answers!
The other cool thing that changes as you work with this is that eventually, you find your blind spots, and start processing your fears.  And, this is the stuff that lifts your fulfillment in all the categories!
To me, this is what growing with grace is all about!

This week, if you’ve stuck with me, we’ve revealed the 4 saboteurs of our fulfillment: Overland, Convenience, Blindspot, and Fear. 
Today, we dove into the 5 Foundations Of Fulfillment: Clarity, Community, Commitment, Capability, and Confidence. 
How do we take this knowledge and make it part of your learned wisdom? 
It’s one thing to philosophize about these principles of fulfillment, but the magic is in applying them. 
This coming Wednesday, June 24th  at 11:00 am, CST,  I’ll be hosting an online clarity workshop.

In this live session, I’ll be sharing the template I use to find clarity, and I’ll be doing a life fulfillment reading.
We are going to move knowledge to action
Here’s to you!
P.S. I need a volunteer - will it be you? 
  • For the clarity workshop, I will be doing a live fulfillment reading using the assessment tool that I’ll be introducing next week. As a volunteer, you will get free access (value - $177) and, during the call, we will:
    • identify the life category with the most significant opportunity to raise your quality of life.
    • illuminate potential blindspots and fears that are acting as saboteurs to you living your best life.
    • generate a list of options that can help you move from where you are to where you want to be.
    • support you to make commitments and cultivate a community to help you achieve your goals.
Sounds good to you?  Please don't be shy and hit reply to let me know you are interested
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