What’s standing between you and your fulfillment?

Why it's so fricken hard for us to commit to doing the things that are best for us. 


On Monday, I brought forward the concept of the fulfillment GAP, and how, even when we are aware of the gap between where we are and where we want to be, it is still so fricken hard for us to commit to doing the things that are best for us. 
Today I want to show you the four main culprits that keep us from closing that gap.
These are the saboteurs of our momentum and motivation, and their names are:
Overload, Convenience, Blindspot, and Fear.
Have you ever admired a person in your life that has an observable grace? They have an ability to handle complex and stressful situations with ease, they show up fully and with confidence, and they just feel good to be around. They radiate a vibration that is palpable. 
These people have learned to dance with their saboteurs.

And I say dance purposely because the sinister saboteurs will always be here wanting to engage you. And this point is key, you cannot “overcome” or “get rid of” your Saboteurs, but you can learn to navigate them with grace. And, it really can be a beautiful dance!
To learn this dance with Overload, Convenience, Blindspot, and Fear, we must first know them well. And that’s why today, I’m going to dive deep into each one of them.

Do You Recognize These Saboteurs?

Looks like: Information everywhere, choices coming from all directions, everyone's an expert, there is a chaotic amount of DATA!!
YOU: constantly searching for the “best” and “right” answer; don’t know who to trust; would rather give up choice than make the wrong one.
The result: the feeling of total overwhelm; susceptible to influence, easily distracted, avoiding big decisions because sticking to the status quo feels safe.


Looks Like: Easy solutions are available from many providers within a click, lick, taste or stop; businesses have the means, the mediums, and the know-how to influence your attention and manipulate your decisions.
YOU: Amazon Prime is your best friend; you fall deep into binge watching Netflix/Prime; you want to drink, eat, & buy ALL THE THINGS!!
The result: You not doing the things that matter most, spending time and money on things that don’t serve you, and feeling crappy about it after.


Looks like: What blindspot? It’s invisible, even if I explained what it is, you wouldn’t see.
YOU: Struggle to consistently hit your goals and you don’t know why; all the routes you’ve tried aren’t getting you there; what is the missing piece that others have you don’t? 
The Result: You are on a continuous wheel of chasing and never get where you want to be. 


Looks like: a primary emotion that influences your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.  Fear is deeply rooted in your past experience; attacks from the inside-out; and is the destroyer of confidence.
YOU: Don’t want to be “found out”, wear many masks to hide; numb yourself with whatever works (Convenience is glad to oblige with an abundant option of clicks, licks, and pics); you suffer silently because that’s what you’ve been taught strong independent people do.
The Result: You hang on tight to what you know. Living with unresolved fear creates unnecessary suffering and negatively impacts well-being.
Okay, it's one thing to read about the forces against you, but the real gains come from doing the work to see how they are actually influencing your life. Let's to that now.
On Monday, you listed your five highest life priorities, find the one that you rated as having the lowest fulfillment.
In case you didn’t do this on Monday (or you forget), here are the categories and the worksheet again, you can quickly do it now: 
Here are the 12 categories: Work, Health & Fitness, Fun & Leisure, Money, Spiritual, Parenting, Love, Friends, Gifts & Talents, Social Contribution, & Extended Family (not kids or spouse).
 Choose Your 5 Highest Priority   Categories  Rate Your Fulfillment Score
 10 = Abundantly Fulfilled
 0 = totally unfulfilled. 
 1.  /10
 2.  /10
 3.  /10
 4.  /10
 5.  /10
Okay, now choose your category with the lowest fulfillment score; and if you have one or more with the same score, pick the one that feels like it needs the most love right now.

Don’t worry, I’ll wait….
Got it. Good.
Now, it is time to pull out the magnifying glass and examine how the four saboteurs are working against you in this life category. I’ll go first. 

I'm using the "Illuminate The Saboteur" worksheet I made, and the life category I'm focusing on is my spiritual life. 
Okay, now You:
Illuminating the Saboteur
Life Category  
 Key Question: Overload: I am clear on what I know and where to go?  Convenience: I am spending the appropriate amount of time and not getting pulled away.
Blindspot: I have people in my life that love me enough to show me my shadows.
FEAR: I am living in love and trust, arms open to confidently create and receive. 
Rate Answer Of Key Question Above For Each /10 /10 /10 /10
What are the forces working against me/ not serving me?
How is this impacting my life?
 How does this make me feel?

Click here - to access a link to this worksheet. 
By completing the chart above, you just made the implicit, explicit, and by doing so you are reclaiming the power of influence in your life.
I think that’s enough work for one day!  But there is more coming. 
Even when we understand the forces against us; even when we want to make changes; we still often fall short. 
But don’t worry, on Friday I’m going to show you some things that will help …..
I’ll see you then!
Here’s to you.
P.S.  Reply to this email let me know how it was for you doing this exercise.  Did you uncover anything?  How did it feel to illuminate your saboteurs? 
And yes, the idea of sharing might be uncomfortable, but hey, Jon Jones would tell you to do it, and he’s a mixed martial artist that kicks some serious ass, so I’d listen to him:).   
P.S.S. If you’d like to read more detail about the Four Saboteurs, I wrote this blogpost that dives deeper into each.  Read Blogpost On the 4 Saboteurs here. 
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