A Note from the Director 
Robert Lassalle-Klein

With the Easter mysteries dwelling in our midst these weeks, it’s worth mentioning an equally imminent mystery - how to raise $80,000 for much-needed repairs of our house?  One of our regular and most dedicated volunteers is Terry Callan. Terry is a retired carpenter, but we keep him plenty busy with our never-ending list of repairs. He has maintained our facility for at least the last ten years.  
As our board began assessing our current needs we realized how much we need heat in our building.  Terry quickly pointed out that our windows needed to be replaced and the walls downstairs insulated.  Otherwise the heat would simply escape.  On closer examination, he discovered dry rot along the windows upstairs in the front of the building.  He speculated that dry rot in a window sill may mean water has seeped down the front wall itself, which may mean it needs to be replaced. Furthermore, he has repeatedly impressed upon us that older lead water pipes downstairs need to be replaced, electrical work needs to be done in the front portion of the house and a new roof needs to be installed.

So, voila!  What seemed to be a simple project quickly grew in magnitude and cost.  Early estimates for all of this work are around $80,000.

We are now engaged in a capital drive and fundraising effort to pay for this work.  If you are able to contribute we urge you to donate to us.  You may either send a check to the Oakland Catholic Worker,  or you may donate online on our website.  And tell your friends!  We can use all the support we can muster. Happy Easter!
Donate to our Easter Appeal here
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Meet our Guests: Celene

The Easter season brought new life into our Catholic Worker house. In the weeks before and after Holy Week, we admitted seven new guests, two of whom have already moved on to a better location. This month, we would like to introduce you to Celene, a young woman who came to us with her 7-year old son Angel. Celene came to the US about a year ago and works as a stylist in Hayward. She has agreed to share a little about herself. 

Where are you from?
I am from Michoacan, Mexico.

Why did you come to the US?
I came to offer a better life to my son, bring him to a safer place, and have better opportunities for his education.

What are your hopes for your future here?
I hope to study, get a better job, and see my son studying for a good career.
How has the OCW helped you?
They have helped give me hope for economic stability in a very difficult moment. It is a help I never thought I would be able to find here.

What do you like to do for fun?
I like to go to the beach, go to the movies, be in nature, and spend time with family.
Easter in East Oakland
OCW staff member Maria reflects on her experiences of Holy Week at our local parish, St. Elizabeth's Church
On Good Friday, Christ’s ragged breathing announces his approach while soldiers push the crowd back, warning us to make way for our king.  Costume blood trickles from a gash in the king’s cheek and stains his white robes.  His face expresses nothing but misery, eyes rolling back in his head and drool hanging from his mouth.  He staggers so convincingly that I worry he will fall and crush me with his cross.  

At the Easter Vigil, Jesus makes his entrance like a rock star, to strobe lights, joyful music, and rhythmic clapping which turns into spontaneous applause.  A statue dressed in brilliantly white garments and crowned (this time not with thorns), he holds his arms aloft in a gesture of triumph. 

It can be easy to look away from Christ’s misery as it continues in the suffering of his people, or to be so overwhelmed by their pain that resurrection seems impossible.  During Holy Week at St. Elizabeth’s, both the reality of suffering and the hope of resurrection were alive and well.  This Easter season, I will try to recognize both as we strive to bring hope to those who suffer.
OCW Wish List
  • Projector
  • Job referrals and day laborer positions for our guests
  • Suggestions for low-cost housing for our guests 
  • Wheelbarrow
  • 25 Lb bags of white rice and pinto beans
  • Earthquake preparedness supplies (water, first aid supplies, emergency radio)
  • Travel-sized toothpaste, shampoo, and conditioner
  • Child's car seat (any age)
  • sunscreen/lotion/chap stick
  • Feminine hygiene supplies
  • Men's, women's, and children's underwear and socks – all sizes 
  • Art supplies (crayons, markers, etc)
  • Garbage bags (33 gallon)
  • Gift cards to Smart and Final, Safeway, Big Lots, Target, Home Depot, Office Depot or Walgreens
Thank you to John August Swanson for letting us use his artwork in our newsletter! 
FLIGHT INTO EGYPT Copyright 2002 by John August Swanson. Serigraph  38 ½” x 12⅛”
Copyright © 2016 Oakland Catholic Worker, All rights reserved.

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