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COA 2015-2017
As the Global COA Project Manager, I am delighted to announce that the COA project proposal submitted to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) in the fall has been approved and is currently under review. While we are still expecting CIC’s feedback on the various components of the project proposal, we are honoured and proud to know the COA Team will continue to provide pre-departure orientation to refugees and immigrants bound to Canada for the period between April 2015 and March 2017.

New COA Site in Mexico
COA now has a permanent training site in Mexico City. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Ms. Daniela Geloso, the new COA facilitator in Mexico. In the future, we hope that COA Mexico will act as a regional hub and provide orientation in a number of countries in Central America and the Caribbean.

Resource Review
To reflect recent program changes, COA has initiated a review of the COA PowerPoint presentation for Caregivers trained in COA Manila. Those changes will be reflected in the COA PowerPoint presentation used with the FSWs, PNs and FCs participants.

My Bridge: Story of a Colombian Refugee Resettled in Biggar, Saskatchewan
By Matthew Cecchetto - COA Ecuador

I met Sirley Sanchez during a COA session held in Quito, in June 2014. Sirley is a single mother, with  three  young daughters. As a Colombian refugee in Ecuador, she experienced numerous obstacles and was relieved to find out that she would soon be resettled in Canada. Read More...
Providing Mobile Sessions in Zambia's Mayukwayukwa Refugee Camp
By Joseph Kabiru and Patricia Njuki - COA Kenya

The COA permanent training site in Nairobi, Kenya, acts as a regional hub covering a large administrative area consisting of 14 countries. In order to reach all Canada-bound and travel-ready beneficiaries, COA Kenya regularly organizes mobile training missions to distant locations, including a number of refugee camps. Read More...
Developing Successful Orientation Sessions for Refugee Youth
By Joel Gibson - COA Malaysia

Refugee youth between 12 and 20 years old are more likely to be affected by change and react more acutely to change than adults or younger children. While refugee youth are resilient and can quickly adapt to new situations, the initial shock and stress associated with resettlement can be powerful. Read More...
Fleeing Sectarian Violence: Story of an Iraqi Refugee
By Muhammed Ramadan - COA Turkey

I met Mr. Husham in December 2014 during a COA training session in Istanbul. He had a compelling story that he agreed to share on his experience of sectarian violence in Iraq. Read More...
LGBTQ Fleeing Persecution: the Journey of two Iraqi Partners
By Yusuf Koruglu - COA Turkey
In early December 2014, right after the completion of a three-day orientation session, Bashar departed for Canada leaving his partner Fahim behind.  “People in the training room are excited and happy about their upcoming move to Canada, but I can’t say the same thing for myself." Read More...
Housing Crisis in Winnipeg: searching for solutions
By Alazar Negasi and Marta Kalita

Finding safe and affordable housing for government assisted refugees is a key settlement service offered by the Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council Inc., a long-standing settlement service provider organisation based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Read More...

Helping Internationally Trained Immigrants Work in their Field
By Global Experience Ontario

Through Global Experience Ontario, the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration now provides internationally-trained immigrants with services and resources to help navigate the licensing processes in the province of Ontario. Read More...

Early Intervention and Engagement: Newcomer Youth Support Services 
By Wesley Urban Ministries

Three years ago, through a National Innovation Call for Proposals launched by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Wesley Urban Ministries proposed an innovative program designed to support the unique needs of 6-21 year old GARs arriving in Canada to the Hamilton region.  Read More...

Observing the COA seminar for Live-In Caregivers
By Denise L. Spitzer (PhD), Canada Research Chair in Gender, Migration, and Health

The lively chatter and occasional sounds of laughter drifted down the hallway. The volume intensified as I approached the room that indicated that the Canadian Orientation Abroad (COA) seminar for live-in caregivers was in session.  Read More...


HEADSTART builds on existing expertise and good practices to foster better pre-departure integration measures for third-country nationals migrating to the EU. Read More...

CIC Monitoring Update

During the 3rd week of January, Tim Cambell from Citizenship and Immigration Canada accompanied Louise Bélanger in touring the COA offices in Colombia and Mexico. Read More...

CIC Data Entry Update 

As a performance measurement data collection system, iCARE collects data from CIC-funded organizations that deliver (re)settlement services to eligible clients. Read More...

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