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As the COA Global Program Manager, I am delighted to release the third COA Newsletter, featuring stories from various COA training sites overseas as well as stories from partners in Canada. Over the next quarter, COA will be serving its 200,000th client and celebrating this important milestone in all of its 20 permanent training sites worldwide. Read more...

A family of urban refugees prepare for a new life in Edmonton, Alberta
By Howard McDonald, IOM Rwanda, in coordination with Idle Gure and Louise Bélanger - COA Kenya
The word “refugee”, more often than not, conjures images of dispossessed families living in dirty and overcrowded camps, removed from the normalities of ordinary life. But two thirds of the world’s refugees live in urban settings, blending with the local population. Read More...
Meet the new COA facilitator in Lagos, Nigeria
By Onose Oboh - COA Nigeria
COA Nigeria is a brand new permanent training site, based in the IOM office in Lagos. Meet the new COA Coordinator and Facilitator, Ms. Onose Oboh, who recently returned to Nigeria after more than 5 years living and working in Fort St. John, British Columbia. Read More...
Celebrating Thirteen Years of Services to Caregivers to Canada
By Cecilia Leung - COA Philippines
I have delivered COA sessions to caregivers for the past eight years, and have met some incredible individuals who left to start new lives in Canada. As COA concludes the delivery of orientation to caregivers, I want to share Victoria’s story, a former COA participant who came to Canada as a caregiver to create a wonderful new life for herself and her family. Read More...
Fleeing Home from Iraq: story of an Iraqi refugee
By Muhammed Ramadan - COA Turkey
I met Mr. Ali in October 2015 while conducting a COA training session in Istanbul. He was a victim of civil war and sectarian violence, and he agreed to share his story with us. Read More...
Successful start for the new COA site in Ukraine
By Illia Borovynskyi - COA Ukraine
Launched on April 1st 2015, the new permanent site in Kyiv is now in full swing mode. Read More...
Updates: Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)
By Mark Stauffer

Meet the new COA Settlement Officer.

Updates: Immigrant Service Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS)
By Kathy Burnett

ISANS to Provide Online Pre-Arrival Services to Newcomers Preparing to Move to Canada. Read More...

Updates: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Canada
By Michael Casasola

Updates on Resettlement Activities for 2015-2016.

Updates: University of Ottawa
By Dr. Denise L. Spitzer

In the summer of 2015, Dr. Denise L. Spitzer joined the COA team in Manila to interview caregivers for her research on the Live-In Caregiver program. Here are her thoughts on the program. Read More...

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