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Featured Destinations - Zimbabwe & Zambia

We’re revisiting our Top 12 Places to visit list every month this year, and this month we’re looking at Zimbabwe and Zambia. The two countries make a wonderful safari combination, and they’re perfect for active travelers. You can enjoy fishing, kayaking and canoeing in the lower Zambezi, walking safaris, and Victoria Falls is home to all manner of adrenaline activities such as whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, and microlighting.

Be sure to check out our Top 12 Places blog for inspiration on where to go next, then contact a Journey Specialist to start planning!
Walking safari photo courtesy Imvelo Safari Lodges

South Africa By Foot

Another great option for active travelers is our brand-new South Africa by Foot safari! This innovative trip lets you explore Johannesburg, Kruger National Park, Cape Town and Stellenbosch in a totally different way. You’ll kick off the trip with an urban walking art tour in Johannesburg, aka Jo’burg, and get a feel for the city’s energy, creativity and revitalization. A multi-night walking safari in Kruger National Park is up next, then off to the Western Cape for walking tours that explore Cape Town’s intriguing and delicious food scene, community projects, an artist’s district, and more! There’s even time for penguins and a visit to wine country. Check out this fantastic new safari here.

Climbing Kilimanjaro

Do you want to be even more active on your safari? Consider climbing Kilimanjaro! Visit The Safari Journal Blog to hear from a group of friends who climbed the mountain with AAC. You can also visit our Kilimanjaro Climbs page to learn more about the different routes. Climbing Kili is no small undertaking. We take safety seriously and prioritize making sure your climb is right for you. Learn more about our safety procedures and climb staff policies here, then contact a Journey Specialist to learn more about planning a climb.

New Website

We’ve been hard at work on a sparkling new website, and we’re nearly ready to unveil the fruit of our labors! Expect to see a new design in mid-July. You’ll want to be sure to visit to see the new look, what’s happening on the blog, lots of gorgeous new photos and more. Keep an eye on our social channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) where we’ll announce the new site first!

Photos courtesy Plains Camp and AAC Traveler Brian Luedtke
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