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Blandy's & Cossart Gordon Madeira
2021 Releases

The annual launch of Blandy's and Cossart Gordon Madeiras has become one of my favourite events of the tasting calendar. This year, Chris Blandy presented four unique and distinct styles, including one I'd never seen before. The 1977 Listrao is exceptionally rare as barely any of this grape is still cultivated on the island. The 2008 Colheita Sercial is the latest in a range that offers phenomenal value and a taste of what will later be bottled as Vintage. The 20 Year Old Malmsey is new to the range and it's a blinder. My favourite is the 1978 Bual; perfection in glass.

In addition to the 2021 releases, we can offer a large range of other Vintages & Colheitas, including numerous Magnums & Double Magnums: Madeira 

ETA 4 weeks

2008 Blandy's, Colheita, Single Harvest Sercial (Dry)

£228 per 6x500ml Case, in bond
£287.88 Duty & VAT paid

This has a vibrant and complex nose of beeswax, candied orange peel, hay, yuzu, marzipan, and pistachio. The palate offers starfruit, fresh ginger, dried apricots. It is succulent and racy, with incredible focus and precision. Poised and confident. The acidity is balanced on a knife-edge with the ripe fruit. Seriously impressive stuff. Perfect as an aperitif but would work well with a range of foods as well. It made a surprisingly good combination with Matcha Mochi, which brought out a distinct preserved lemon flavour. 
Simon Quinn, VinQuinn

The Sercial grapes for this wine, harvested by hand at Pomar on the south of the island, produce a wine of remarkable astringency and high acidity. Just 2,000 bottles released.  


1977 Blandy's, Listrao (Medium Rich)

£654 per 6x375ml Case, in bond
£795.52 Duty & VAT paid

£1236 per 6x750ml Case, in bond
£1504.62 Duty & VAT paid

Antique furniture, honeycomb, strawberry, and a suggestion of Christmas pudding on the nose. Vibrant and fresh flavours of dried cranberry, papaya and spice. 
Simon Quinn, VinQuinn

The 751 bottles released represent the last of the company’s Listrão stock. Made exclusively from the Listrão grape, which is only found on the island of Porto Santo, it was harvested by hand in 1977 in one of the last harvests done at the company’s Quinta do Ribeiro Sagado.


Blandy's, 20 Year Old Malmsey (Rich)

£264 per 6x500ml Case, in bond
£331.08 Duty & VAT paid

This is packed with attractive aromas of coffee, cacao, caramel, and hazelnuts. The nose is mirrored on the palate with a mocha character, then glorious rosewater and passionfruit. Lifted and fresh. There is a long, praline finish. Characterful and complex.
Simon Quinn, VinQuinn
This wine spent an average of 20 years ageing in the “Canteiro” system at the Blandy’s Lodge. Malmsey thrives in the islands Cambisol soils, which are found on the north coast, where Blandy’s Quinta do Bispo vineyards are located. Just 2000 bottles released.


1978 Cossart Gordon, Bual (Medium Rich)

£1260 per 6x750ml Case, in bond
£1533.42 Duty & VAT paid

£420 per Magnum, in bond
£511.14 Duty & VAT paid
Bright and bracing on the nose, with aromas of beeswax, balsamic, and redcurrant. Seductive and sensual. Real fireworks here. The palate is sensational, with a pronounced caramelised banana and vanilla pod character. Intense and engaging. Polished and refined. 
Simon Quinn, VinQuinn

Produced from Bual grapes sourced from Calheta, which were harvested by hand in 1978 before being trodden in traditional wooden lagares and then aged for 43 years in the “Canteiro” system (old oak casks supported on wooden beams). Just 1,294 bottles released.




Additional Availability:

Blandy's Colheita:
1998 Sercial @ £200 per 6x500ml IB
2000 Verdelho @ £230 per 6x500ml IB
2002 Sercial @ £180 per 6x500ml IB
2003 Bual @ £185 per 6x500ml IB
2004 Malmsey @ £260 per 6x500ml IB

Cossart Gordon Vintage:
1962 Bual @ £1650 per 12x375ml IB
1962 Bual @ £240 per 1x750ml IB
1975 Terrantez @ £1390 per 6x750ml IB
1985 Sercial @ £340 per 6x375ml IB
1985 Sercial @ £680 per 6x750ml IB
1987 Bual @ £600 per 12x375ml IB
1987 Bual @ £600 per 6x750ml IB

Blandy's Vintage:
1920 Heritage Wine Collection Bual Madeira £1514 per 1x750ml IB
1957 Bual @ £206 per 1x750ml IB
1966 Bual @ £329 per 1x750ml IB
1968 Sercial @ £190 per 1x750ml IB
1973 Verdelho @ £153 per 1x750ml IB
1975 Sercial @ £445 per 6x375ml IB
1976 Terrantez @ £500 per 6x375ml IB
1976 Verdelho @ £700 per 6x375ml IB
1976 Verdelho @ £1320 per 6x750ml IB
1977 Verdelho @ £126 per 1x750ml IB
1979 Verdelho @ £135 per 1x750ml IB
1980 Sercial @ £980 per 6x750ml IB
1980 Terrantez @ £750 per 6 IB
1985 Malmsey @ £170 per 1x750ml IB
1988 Malmsey @ £148 per 1x750ml IB

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