Edition #306 - Podcast peak?
One big thing

With Megaphone’s acquisition by Spotify, Hunter Walk (investor in Anchor which Spotify also acquired last year) commented.
And he’s not wrong, the podcast dynamics are curious. There is only really one big company buying the others. And if these are the best companies being built, selling at $100m-$300m, it makes it hard for investors to deploy capital in the sector. Why? Because the gains from the wins won’t cover the misses. It’s just how the venture business works.

Now, this could be the first-order effects of podcasting and the market is at a local maximum. It has been a slow build and maybe a new horizon is around the corner. But a little itch tells me, that live streaming is probably taking some of its steam. Live, unedited (or edited later) feels easier, rawer, and more authentic.
In the past 6 months, we saw the two diverge in search volume, with more interest in live streaming as the pandemic came in. It could be argued that we are indeed at a bump in the road for podcasts that resumes in 2021.

Not that that is a bad thing, it’s just maybe podcasting isn’t as big as many had hoped.
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