Edition #300 - 300th Edition
One big thing

This week marks our 300th edition! What a milestone. 🎉

We have quite an active subscriber base and thought it might be nice to shout out some of them, so a special thanks goes to …
  • Maxime Meillassoux, Google
  • Gitte Ceyssens, DPG Media
  • Krystle Davis, Forbes
  • Rick Edmonds, Poynter
  • Sam Slaughter, Lighthouse Creative
  • Kevin Delie, Triplelift
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  • Mads Elsøe, Politiken Creative
  • Andrew Hughes, Publicis Media
Thank you all for your support, here's to the next 300. 🍸
Notable stories this week Deals/M&A Campaign of the week
  • Vanguard on NYT, Financial Advisors Swap Insights on Tough Client Questions. A good, educational piece.
Datapoints of note

See all our Covid-19 data here.
  • 82% of brands struggle to create high quality branded content.
  • Axios revenue is on track for $100m in 2020. Newsletters contribute more than 50% of revenue. And Sara Fischer’s media newsletter exceeds 100,000 subscribers.
  • More than 6 million cable customers will cut the cord this year.

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