Edition #296 Consumer experience
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One big thing

You’re going to see a lot of noise about the upcoming iOS changes, for Facebook it can mean billions of dollars in lost revenue. This loss is shared by their revenue partners, publishers, who use Facebook audience network to maintain higher CPMs. However Facebook will benefit because it will push advertisers to spend more in their apps. The same as GDPR pushed revenue in to Googles own properties.

The changes swaps the paradigm from implicit opt in to explicit from end users. That means users are notified if an app is accessing an ID that lets others track you from one app to another. Prior to GDPR, the European data privacy rules, we had the same exact furor. Then once it happened, it died away. Why? Because conceptually it is good for users.
The outtake is that it will drive further digital revenue diversification - publishers selling their own ads, using Instant Articles more to tap Facebook inventory, AMP to tap Google's. Subscriptions from Apple News, their own subscriptions and subscription partnerships. Virtual events to supplement (their normal) regular events.

I don’t think it's the death of the industry, it’s just another change in building a better ecosystem that matches consumers’ interests with content creators. It’s not perfect but each of the examples above is a way of delivering a better experience and rewarding the creator for that. And that is a good thing.
Notable stories this week
  • Facebook is piloting a ‘virality circuit breaker’ to put eyes on posts that are gaining a lot of traction quickly.
  • “Instead of branded content that can take weeks of back and forth, Trusted Media Brands has been offering brands a chance to integrate their content into existing editorial pages; instead of accepting that they couldn’t execute elaborate branded content productions, The Players Tribune and Minute Media pivoted to content shot by athletes on their cell phones; and Leaf Group, rather than scrap an event sponsorship deal, whipped up an alternative program built around instructional content and product sampling in under two weeks."
  • Outbrain launches new ad platform to help drive app installs and they also signed on as a Local Media Consortium’s preferred native ads provider.
  • MGID partners with browser company Opera to deliver native ads in the Opera Mini newsfeed.
  • Apple wants to stop advertisers from following you around the web. Facebook has other ideas. A well-balanced piece on the abrupt changes coming.
  • The rise of fake podcasts.
  • The worst is behind us’ says WPP CEO.
  • Google Chrome’s new heavy ad blocker catches some by surprise.
  • US digital media publishers curb international expansion.
  • [Long read] Takeaways from SportsPro’s latest virtual event.
  • [Long read] Lego has budgeted $500k a year for the next three years to pay users when it likes their Lego World Builder idea submissions. “To option an idea—meaning Lego will try to develop it—the company will pay $10,000, he said. If it decides to buy the idea outright, it will pay $50,000.”
Campaign of the week
Datapoints of note

See all our Covid-19 data here.
  • Mobile had a 106% higher CTR than Desktop in 1H 2020.
  • Branded content from influencers was up 21 percent in July from March across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, according to Shareablee.
  • Only 3% of YouTube's automated removals for unsafe content result in an appeal.

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