Edition #304 - Tentpoles and content
One big thing

This Twitter thread from our friends at Parrot from late last week was good. They dived into their data to tell a bit more of a narrative around Netflix's earnings.

First up, they reviewed the decay rate of content on Netflix. It sounds a bit dreary but what this means is, what sort of longevity is there in the demand for a title.
In the graph above we see them going up. Parrot suggests this means audiences aren’t burning through all their content on Netflix yet, or rather, they have a backlog. Makes sense.

Next up they looked into the growth of Netflix and its tentpole titles driving the growth. Whereas analysts want them to focus on a bigger library.
Remember, Netflix are the pros - they literally have thousands of people managing all of their content.

The rest of us don’t, but it's worth mulling over. What are our tentpole pieces of content? What is their longevity? Do they have any longevity at all?

Do we even have tentpole content? I will leave that with you for some weekend pondering.
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