Edition #308 - Creator Economy
One big thing

Stripe launched Capital for Platforms this week, the technology enables platforms to easily build infrastructure to offer lending to their customers. Repayments are made automatically by an increased royalty on their earnings. For example, YouTube could offer a loan to a content creator, and then get repaid through a royalty on their revenue. More on the infrastructure here.
Payments and access to capital are vital for the creator economy to thrive. Waiting 90 days for payments slows the growth of these micro businesses. Closing that gap put more funds in the very people effecting change. Which is brilliant if you ask me.

As an industry we’re going to need tools like this to help rebuild in 2021.
Notable stories this week Deals/M&A
  • Facebook acquires Kustomer for $1b. Bringing customer service and chatbots into the equation. Ana Milicevic posted, FB + Customer = SMB CRM, SalesForce + Slack = enterprise CRM.
  • Amazon is in discussions to acquire podcasting company Wondery.
  • 10 digital media companies that are hot acquisition targets and Axel Springer wants to help drive US media mergers.
Campaign of the week
  • The Atlantic + Range Rover partnered with John Mayer to inspire people to get outside.
  • How publishers and brands are reimagining video on Twitter. Interview with the client really brings the pitch across.
  • Top 3 Sophisticated Gifts for Christmas by M2 + Taylors Port.
Smartest commentary
  • “Should every publisher even have a paid strategy? The answer is solidly no. Not every publisher should have a paid strategy because not every publisher provides enough value to justify charging. It’s a simple fact. Too much content on the internet is derivative.” -Jacob Donnelly, GM of B2B, MorningBrew
Datapoints of note That's it for this week!


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