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Ten Days in the North Woods
We recently returned from a ten-day visit to our mission field at the Mokahum Ministry Center. Although it was a short trip, the Lord used it in many big ways. The trip was three-fold. First, our children got a site visit to see their future home. Secondly, the MMC needed someone to teach a writing class, so they asked me. And thirdly, we were able to attend an important seminar by Craig Smith, author of White Man’s Gospel, an important book for Natives and non-Natives about the gospel and Native ministry. Craig is the brother-in-law of MMC director, Zane Williams. Zane’s sister and faithful kingdom servant, LaDonna, is on the right.  

We met some the new students of MMC and reconnected with students we met last year during our first visit. This year’s class represents tribes such as Apache, Cherokee Nation, Ojibwe (U.S. & Canada), and Oglala Sioux. The Lord is using MMC to reach the nations!

New Opportunities
Years ago I was given an open invitation to speak at Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, MS, by my former professor, Dr. Elias Medeiros. While teaching in Orlando one summer, the Lord used him in a big way to get me onto the mission field. This past October, I took him up on his offer to teach in his missions class. What a privilege to teach in his class on a subject we love so much! We also were able to speak at a lunch the next day on campus.

Big News!
Just this last month, our support percentage jumped from 57% to 65%. Only 35% more to go. Would you consider being a one-percenter? A pledge of $100 per month from thirty-five people/churches will get us packing.

During our time in Mississippi, we lodged in the Antioch House at the Spencer Perkins Center. There we enjoyed great hospitality and an evening with preacher, civil-rights activist, and kingdom-seeker, Dr. John M. Perkins. It was a great blessing to be encouraged by such a man of God who faced so much adversity in his eighty-six years. His main message to us that evening was that ministry was ‘entering into the pain of the people you are serving.’ That has been his message his whole life while serving the Lord. That message is essential for as we enter into Native ministry. We want to thank a great advocate and supporter, Jim Rickenbacker, who arranged for us to meet with John. Thanks, Jim.

In the Meantime…
So what have we been up to? Although we are still not on our designated field, the Lord has been using us nonetheless. This time of team-building is actual ministry. Part of what we do is awaken the church to what the Lord is doing on a much-forgotten mission field. Wherever we speak, the response from people is the same, “I had no idea,” or “I just didn’t know.” These common reactions verify to us that we are on the right path.

But actually there is more to the story. The Lord is using us in other ways as well. As some of you remember, we met Dr. Richard Pratt of Third Millennial Ministries earlier this year. He challenged me to write a script for him to invite Native American, Alaska Native, and First Nations peoples to partake in the free Bible/theology curriculum of Third Mill. I had some Native leaders review it first. A few months later Richard recorded that video, which was featured at the MTW luncheon at the PCA General Assembly this past June. You can view the video on our blog post Discipleship with Dignity.

The guest speaker at the luncheon was Huron Claus of CHIEF Ministries (pictured above). We were able to introduce Dr. Pratt and Huron to one another. As a result they will be meeting again at the Third Mill headquarters here in the Orlando area. A particular blessing for us is that we will be able to sit in on that meeting and get a behind the scenes look at the forging of a new relationship between these two great ministries. Third Mill material is already being used in South America among Indigenous people and even in Cuba! Why not among the Indigenous peoples of North America?

What if…?
Just recently Regina was having a conversation with some people we know concerning our mission. We hadn’t seen them in a while, but the conversation ultimately ended up with a series of questions concerning the Plan ‘B’ for our lives. We have heard these questions since the beginning of our journey: What if you don’t raise all your support? Are you ever going to get to the mission field? But, no, really, what if you don’t get there? Are you really going? Not only can these questions be disheartening, but they are downright worldly in outlook. The devil whispers that into missionaries’ ears long before they even set out on their journey.
This is like asking a church planter, what if nobody comes to your church, or to parents, what if your children never finish college? The real concern behind it is, what about the money? In the case of the church-planter scenario, the tithes and offerings that are given are given to the Lord. The money is used for the work at hand with hope into the future. I hope you can see from what we’ve reported that the Lord is using us right now. Currently we are ministering to the church, i.e., teaching about the mission field. We are building and continuing relationships with our Native friends. CHIEF Ministries has also used some of my writings. So we continue traveling, writing, speaking, and educating. All of which take money to support as we dedicate our lives to this mission. For us the question is not what if but when.

For those who have dared to send us to the mission field, thank you! For those who are reluctant about giving money right now, here is a “no-risk” way to help us get to the field. It is simply a ‘pledge-now-give-later’ approach. Simply pledge an amount that covers a four-year term (you may pledge indefinitely, of course), and start fulfilling it once we get to the field. But we don’t get to the field until we have 100% of our pledges reported to the MTW home office.
What’s coming up?
I (Patrick) will be presenting our ministry at two separate Forge meetings, Oviedo, FL, Nov. 8, Longwood, FL, Nov. 10. Forge, a ministry of Man in the Mirror Ministries, was founded by my former seminary professor, Pete Alwinson. I will get to talk to a lot of men in Central Florida from all different walks of life and church/denominational backgrounds.
We also have a couple of missions conferences scheduled in and out of Florida. We are also looking forward to speaking at the next North Florida Presbytery (PCA) meeting. On our way to Mississippi, we spoke at the Gulf Coast Presbytery. The Lord is giving us exposure, but ultimately, it depends on people to take the time to pray about how they can be part of filling the 35% gap from here to the mission field.
Will you pray for us?
1. We need a bigger support team. If all our friends gave just $30 per month, we would be packing our bags tomorrow. That is one dollar a day. We are praying for pledges of all kinds: $5, $25, $50, $100, $200, and $400 per month for at least a four-year commitment. Please prayerfully consider that.

2. Pray for yourself. If you would like to give, but don't think you can, ask the Lord to make it possible. Are you bold enough? Scripture encourages you to pray that way (Heb 4:16, 10:19). Go for it.

3. Pray for our perseverance. It has been a long road so far and there is more to go. As parents of three teenagers, it is time to settle down.

4. Pray for perseverance of the students at MMC. They come from very challenging backgrounds. It is a big sacrifice for them to be there.

Please prayerfully consider partnering with us in serving Native America. We need monthly, quarterly, or annual pledged contributions to ensure we can get to the field and remain. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Follow us on social media. Read and follow our blog. Sign up for regular E-newsletters. Be a part of what the Lord is doing among our First Neighbors.

Be sure to see our Scrapbook photos below.

All for the Kingdom!

Patrick & Regina

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Meet Henry (Oglala Sioux) and Troy and Shayna (Ojibwe), the first married couple at Mokahum.

We were encouraged to see the students watching a video clip of R.C. Sproul teaching on the Trinity when we first arrived.

Here we are with fellow MTW missionary, Bill Carr with the director of Center for Indian Ministries, Paul Straubel.

In the middle of our boys are Trevor (Ojibwe) and J.J. (Cherokee Nation).

Patrick teaching at the RTS Jackson Missions class.
Whiteman's Gospel by Craig Stephen Smith is an important book for both Native and non-Native people alike.
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