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Volume 10, Issue 16  | 8.31.2016

Placement Callout: It's Time to Place All The Things!

Your Beloved Placement Team™ is often asked, “Hey, Beloved Placement Team, do I need to register for placement?” The answer is always, “Probably.”

Keep in mind that you will need to register the following:
  1. Theme camps (which may include an art project and/or sound and/or flame effect and/or mutant vehicle/RV)
  2. Standalone items NOT contained in theme camps:
    • Standalone art projects (not contained in a theme camp) — may include flame and/or sound
    • Independent flame effects such as handheld or installed poofers (not in a theme camp
    • Mutant vehicles not attached to a theme camp, i.e., in open camping
    • RVs not attached to a theme camp
NOTE: Funded art projects should also register! Although the Art Team knows about your project, they don't register you for actual placement. (If your project is in a theme camp, see next note.)

NOTE ALSO: The Theme Camp Organizer [TCO] should register anything and everything within the camp: art, flame, sound, mutant vehicle.

Placement registration form can be found here!
Placement registration form cheat sheet can be found here!

Help us help you make the most people happy!™ If you have any questions, please email Your Beloved Placement Team™ at

Alchemy X: Core Burn

Are you part of a theme camp? If so, you have an amazing opportunity. Want to see a mini-effigy representing your theme camp burned around the Effigy Saturday night? You can! If your submission is approved, your theme camp can be part of a truly Deca-dent experience. Check out the website for details. Apply by September 15th!

Got questions? Reach out to

Image Credit: Rebecca Rea & Keith Prossick

Center Camp: A Living Room for Your Burn

Hi there, fellow Alchemists! I'm your friendly neighborhood Alchemy Center Camp Co-Lead. This year, we'd like to have your voice shape the feel and vibe of Center Camp. This form can give you a chance to tell your favorite story from CC, or offer a suggestion of how it/we can serve the community in a greater way.

After you've gotten all nostalgic over your favorite Center Camp memories, shuffle on over to our nifty sign up form and reserve a time window where you can teach a class, throw a party, or annoy everyone with another "My Dick" power hour.

Conclave: Take Your Pants Off!

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Hear Ye! We at Conclave World Headquarters would like to reach out to any and all groups interested in having a Pod at this years Effigy Conclave. We require pre-registration for a Pod, and ask that you try to bring as many safeties as you can (preferably 1 safety per 3 performers in your group).

If you have any questions reach out to us at or post in the Alchemy Conclave facebook group. Additionally, if you would like Conclave presence at your art burn or party during the event please contact us. Conclave: Take Your Pants Off!

***Disclaimer: Status of pantslessness not a requirement for Conclave, but is a requirement to ride the mystical magical Sparkle Unicorn.

The Hungry Caterpillar 

The Hungry Caterpillar will be back this year at Alchemy X! His appetite is raging and it's up to you to feed him (or else he will indulge in stray burners!).

Items that The Hungry Caterpillar craves are:
  • Boxed food items including crackers, cereal, macaroni and cheese, boxed dinners (i.e. Hamburger Helper), and baking mixes
  • Canned food items such as vegetables, fruits, tuna, beans, soup, chili, etc.
  • Peanut butter and jelly
  • Other NON-perishable items
The Hungry Caterpillar also could use any reusable grocery bags!

Please DO NOT donate:
  • Fresh fruits, vegetables, or cheeses
  • Expired goods
  • Opened items
  • Other perishable goods
The Hungry Caterpillar is happy to eat any items that you have left over from the weekend that are not opened, but please also bring items specifically for him. The food drive benefits local food pantries in Carroll County.

If you are interested in helping with the outreach project or want to help create this omnivorous creepy-crawlie, contact Safari Anna at

Alchemy 2016: Is It Fine?


Image Credit: OldManDale

Board of Directors Seeking New Secretary

The Flashpoint Artists Initiative Board of Directors is currently in need of a board secretary. The primary purpose of secretary is to maintain an accurate record of board business. You will be required to prepare the board meeting agendas and attend the monthly meetings to take minutes, which are made available to the community. This position also helps the board to function more efficiently by keeping track of action items that result from the board meetings. This is a one year term. Interested? Contact Aislinn at

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