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Volume 10, Issue 8  | 4.22.2016

Last call for Volunteers

The volunteer system closes Friday April 22nd at midnight.

We still need lots of action hippies to help make this go.  New land means new jobs and new work.

Print Your Waiver

Everybody needs to sign a waiver to enter Euphoria.  We are asking you to print yours before the burn and fill it out and sign it.

Ranger Trainings at Euphoria

Looking for a volunteer home for Euphoria? Come join us at Rangers! We could really use the help given that we're on new land. If you like having fun while being available to help people who need it, we're the place to be. We especially need help on burn night and during the overnight shifts. 

If you've not attended a training before, come to onsite training Thurs or Fri at 3PM at the Ranger HQ and learn how to Ranger! See the website for more information! 

Tranquility Base Trainings at Euphoria

Tranquility base needs volunteers!  Did you miss the mandatory training?  No worries.  We will host two onsite trainings on Thursday and Friday at 6 PM at Tranquility Base. See you there. See the website for more information! 


The landowners have been treating the fields this week to kill the ants.  This should prevent any big problems, but there's always the chance you will find the one sneaky anthill that managed to avoid the spray.   So go read this awesome blog post from a Participant who just happens to be an expert on ants. 

I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords

Art Happenings

Who’s excited about art at Euphoria?  We sure are!  Wanna read all about it?  Check out our continuing Art Blog series.  A new blog will be uploaded daily until the burn.  

Or perhaps you’re making awesome art RIGHT NOW.  Wanna share it with everyone else?  Instagram, tag it:  ‪#eupohriaburnart‬.  Tag awesome art pictures you take at the burn, too!

While you’re at Euphoria, don’t forget to go see the art.  You can discover the hidden location of Swag at the Funded Art Projects. Swag Awesomeness: Community Created Pet Rock!  Check out the Placement Map to find art now, or visit Connexus when you arrive.  

Speaking of Connexus:  We’ll have Art Tours leaving Connexus at 2pm Friday and Saturday.  Wanna go explore some a bunch of art with an awesome crew?  Join us!

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