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Volume 10, Issue 15  | 8.15.2016

Alchemy Art Department Open Build Day and BBQ

The Alchemy Art department welcomes you to the first of a potential series of open build days to gather and work on your collective art projects! While this originally was strictly mutant vehicle focused, we are now expanding it to all artists who want to work on their projects! Please come by with something to work on or willing to help others. Basic tools and a MIG welder are available. There will also be delicious smoked meat treats. Find out more information on our Facebook event page!

Fine Print: This is an LNT event. Feel free to bring food to share, if you are into that sort of thing.

Burn Perimeter Changes

Your Burn Perimeter leads, Ean Loire and Owen Dean, are excited to share with you the recent and interesting changes to the way Perimeter functions!

You are invited to a front row seat for our main event!

It’s a safe bet that most of you who have attended Georgia burn events previously are familiar with the way Perimeter has worked up to now, with 70-80 outer perimeter volunteers standing roughly arms length apart, and a few inner perimeter volunteers behind them. This method, while always effective, frequently left us scrambling at the last minute to gather enough bodies for perimeter, and had a few other aspects we believe will be improved upon.

That's why we're creating a new system for Perimeter. Behind several rows of ground seated participants, there will be a section in which viewers can arrange chairs, and finally, an area for those who would prefer to stand. Aside from being more comfortable and keeping observers from becoming tired of being on their feet, the seated rows will have the added benefit of acting as a natural deterrent for anyone who may get it in their head to try to pass perimeter, as well as make anyone approaching perimeter more obvious to our volunteers.

Our new method for Effigy Perimeter will require fewer than 40 total volunteers, all of whom will have perimeter experience, and be approved by the perimeter leads. There will no longer be a distinction between “soft” and “hard” perimeter; rather, each volunteer will work one 4 hour shift. We will also have a larger burn field to begin with, so as to avoid the mid-burn perimeter expansion and great push back that leaves you wondering if you still have eyebrows.

We have every confidence in this plan, but in order for it to work to it’s fullest potential, we need the community’s involvement! Talk to your friends that are attending. Come to the Effigy burn with everything you need to feel comfortable, rain or shine. If you have prior experience working perimeter, send us an application from the volunteer sign up page at alchemyburn.com! If you don’t have prior experience with Effigy Perimeter, but are interested, consider signing up for Temple perimeter to gain experience. You can also make the effort to sit in the front row to help spread the word and hold the line while still being able to watch the show. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at perimeter@alchemyburn.com!

Tranquility Base Training 

Join us for Tranquility Base Training! There will be two sessions before the event, located at the home of Celeste Watwood (162 Campbell St. SE, Atlanta, GA 30317).
September 10 - https://www.facebook.com/events/154850574942322/
September 25 - https://www.facebook.com/events/173681376376065/

In addition we will be offering three training sessions onsite at the event:
Thursday, 2PM
Friday, 2PM
Friday, 6PM

Alchemy 2016 Theme: Decadence

This is year 10 of Alchemy (deca). We began our journey in this world of burning with fewer than 100 burners total in the State of Georgia. We decided to create an experience that even we did not fully understand, one in which we could experiment and grow, and one in which we challenged ourselves and each other. A lot of the ways we chose to do that are considered "decadent" by society at large.

Image Credit: Rebecca Rea & Keith Prossick

There's always more to the story...
Alchemy Festival 2012 - Effigy Build and Burn.mp4
To celebrate our 10th year, we want to share some of Alchemy's history with you.  We present Alchemy 2012 Build & Burn, a video by Shawman.

Swag, Gate Sign, and Team Lead Shirt Design Needed!

Have you ever wanted to see YOUR ART displayed at the burn?

We need designs for your event swag, and the team lead shirts. Please keep the theme in mind when submitting; this year's theme is Decadence!

Submit your designs by Friday, August 26th!

Check out the Alchemy website for more info, as well as the needed specs. Got questions? Email art@flashpointart.org.

You can also join the FB event and invite your friends who might be interested!

A Living Room for Your Burn.

Hi there, fellow Alchemists! I'm your friendly neighborhood Alchemy Center Camp Co-Lead. This year, we'd like to have your voice shape the feel and vibe of Center Camp. This form can give you a chance to tell your favorite story from CC, or offer a suggestion of how it/we can serve the community in a greater way.

After you've gotten all nostalgic over your favorite Center Camp memories, shuffle on over to our nifty sign up form and reserve a time window where you can teach a class, throw a party, or annoy everyone with another "My Dick" power hour.

Alchemy Ranger Training

Are you new to Rangering? Are you a grizzled veteran that needs a refresher or wants to help train the newbies? Here are your next opportunities to do so!

If you have never been trained, then you MUST attend a training prior to your first shift. If you've been trained with Alchemy, Euphoria, Transformus, Ignite, Serendipity, To the Moon, or the Black Rock Rangers, then you don't need to attend one of ours.

Noon to 3 PM Sunday, August 21st
Location to-be-announced (in Atlanta)
Facebook event (https://www.facebook.com/events/222287064839540/)

2 PM to 5 PM Sunday, September 11th
Location to-be-announced (in Atlanta)
Facebook event (https://www.facebook.com/events/948751961913511/)

2 PM to 5 PM Thursday, October 13th
Ranger Headquarters
Facebook event (https://www.facebook.com/events/153378628431174/)

2 PM to 5 PM Friday, October 14th
Ranger Headquarters
Facebook event (https://www.facebook.com/events/131118970665169/)

Questions? Email rangers@alchemyburn.com.

Update on Conduct Committee and FAI Code of Conduct

Alchemy, Euphoria, and all Flashpoint Artists Initiative events adhere to the 10 Principles of Burning Man. We frequently joke about the 11th Principle: Safety third! Fuck Yer Burn!, etc. However, across the burn spectrum, the idea of Consent as the 11th Principle is becoming common currency.

While we often think of consent as being something to consider for sexual encounters, it extends to any interaction you have with another participant. From any physical contact, to disclosing special ingredients in food, to usage of another's belongings, consent means seeking an enthusiastic, informed, unequivocal HELL YES for any hijink or shenanigan you engage in at the burn.

Consent is crucial for creating a safe space for participants to let go and engage in Radical Self-Expression within the Temporary Autonomous Zone we build. However, this safe space doesn't build itself; it requires Communal Effort. The conversation on what consent means must be driven by the community. Our culture is built from the bottom up, not the top down.

But even with a great community focus on consent, conflicts will occur between participants at FAI events. We have awesome Rangers, Tranquility Base, Safety, and Medic teams to handle such issues. Each team has protocols in place on try to resolve these conflicts. We do our best as community volunteers, recognizing that there are time we must refer incidents to resources outside of the burn event.

Recently, there has been a demand to develop a process for responding to conflicts following FAI events when these teams are no longer on duty. Over the past 10 months, a group of committee volunteers has been hard at work developing the policies and process for a new Conduct Committee, as well as a Code of Conduct that will be part of the agreement you make each time you enter a FAI event. You can read it below. This is intended to reaffirm creation of a welcoming temporary autonomous zone for each and every burner.

Once it is in place, the Conduct Committee will investigate conduct complaints made after burn events. Their recommendations on interventions needed, if any, will be referred to the FAI Board of Directors for a final decision. Soon we will be soliciting volunteers to work on the Conduct Committee to begin terms following Alchemy this year. We are excited to see the work they do.

That said, we understand that some people feel a sense of urgency with their complaints and cannot wait for the Conduct Committee's formation. Between now and the debut of the Conduct Committee, relevant complaints and information should be sent to the FAI Board of Directors. As this is an activity in addition to other BOD responsibilities, we must keep the focus of an complaint investigation narrow. The following criteria must be met for the BOD to investigate:

  1. Incident(s) occurred at FAI event(s).
  2. Complaints are submitted directly from the complainant. BOD will need to contact any and all parties involved to get as much information as possible.
  3. New/recent complaints only (occurred within the past year). If the incident received a previous response/decision, the BOD will abide by that decision.
  4. BOD agrees that the incident(s) are within our purview. We are not replacements for legal, therapeutic, or medical resources. We will do our best to provide you resources if we determine that we cannot follow up.

If these criteria apply to your situation, e-mail a brief report to the BOD at board@flashpoint.org, including the names of all involved. We will do our best to respond promptly and we will keep the information private beyond the immediate parties.

As FAI finalizes the Conduct Committee, we encourage you to read consent statements and articles from other regional burns, and consider applying for the Conduct Committee when the callouts go live. More importantly, we urge you to continue the hard work of building a community of consent at the burns and outside of the burns. If you see something, say something. Engage in the conversation. Build the culture of consent YOU want every day. After all, consensual shenanigans are best shenanigans!

Board of Directors Seeking New Secretary

The Flashpoint Artists Initiative Board of Directors is currently in need of a board secretary. The primary purpose of secretary is to maintain an accurate record of board business. You will be required to prepare the board meeting agendas and attend the monthly meetings to take minutes, which are made available to the community. This position also helps the board to function more efficiently by keeping track of action items that result from the board meetings. This is a one year term. Interested? Contact Aislinn at amcearchern@gmail.com.

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