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             March 6, 2017
Feature of the Week
Commerce Department Boosts Arms Sales Deliveries to Record High
Security Assistance Monitor, March 1, 2017
U.S. arms sales deliveries jumped to more than $25 billion in FY 2015, increasing the total value of U.S. arms deliveries by at least $5 billion over recent years, according to several U.S. government reports. The major increase in U.S. arms sales deliveries comes from a relatively new Commerce Department program established in part to help U.S. companies export certain types of military equipment more easily, including to China and Venezuela.
SAM in the News
The National Interest, February 28, 2017
This article quotes a SAM employee on the U.S.' redoubled efforts to train and equip the Iraqi Military.
Security Assistance News & Research Roundup

News & Blog Posts
Pentagon Plan to Seize Raqqa Calls for Significant Increase in U.S. Participation
Washington Post, March 5, 2017
The article says the new Pentagon plan for the assault on Raqqa calls for significant U.S. military participation and the arming of Kurds associated with the Syrian Democratic Forces.

U.S. Steps up in Somalia as al-Shabab Proves a Stubborn Foe
Washington Post, March 3, 2017
This article states that the Pentagon plans to increase assistance to the Somali National Army and give the U.S. military greater flexibility to launch more pre-emptive airstrikes.

A Green Beret’s Ode to Army’s New Security Forces Assistance Brigades
War on the Rocks, March 3, 2017
This blog discusses how the role of the Army’s new Security Forces Assistance Brigades in training foreign militaries will free up Special Forces troops to focus on their mandate. 

Thornberry Joins Key Republicans Against Trump Plan to Slash State Budget 
Defense News, March 2, 2017
The article examines the Republican Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee’s decision to join Republicans in opposing Trump’s proposed State Department cuts.

Outlook for Export Controls and Economic Sanctions Under the Trump Administration
Torres Law, March 1, 2017
The article examines how the Trump Administration has initially responded to sanctions on Iran and other key countries.

Research & Analysis
National Security Strategy Resources
Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces, March 2017
This post compiles many useful resources on creating national security strategies and includes some of the national strategies of key U.S. security cooperation partners. 

The United Arab Emirates (UAE): Issues for U.S. Policy
Congressional Research Service; February 28, 2017
This report reviews the UAE’s political and economic situation, focusing on many aspects of the its relationship with the United States, including security aid and cooperation. 

Countdown to AMISOM Withdrawal: Is Somalia Ready?
IRIN, February 28, 2017
The report addresses various aspects of the scheduled AMISOM withdrawal from Somalia, looking into the possible implications of such a drawdown of international peacekeeping forces.

Arms Brokering in Southern Africa
Institute for Security Studies, February 17, 2017
This publication is a review of the national processes relating to arms brokering in 12 countries in the southern African region. 
Data Fact of the Week
Top 5 Countries Receiving U.S. Commerce Arms Sales (600 Series) Deliveries in 2015 
In 2015, the five countries that saw the most Commerce Arms Sales (600 Series) were Japan ($807,196,874), South Korea ($399,226,898), the United Kingdom ($396,094,299), Italy ($183,104,169), and Israel ($165,019,370).  See our arms sales database for more details.
From the U.S. Government

Defense Department Notification
Readout of Secretary Mattis' Call with ROK Minister of National Defense Han Min-Koo
February 28, 2017
Secretary Mattis and Minister Han discussed the regional security environment and the U.S. decision to station Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system in the ROK very soon.

State Department Notification
Bureau of Political-Military Affairs, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls: Notifications to the Congress of Proposed Commercial Export Licenses
February 28, 2017
The Federal Register has uploaded new firearms notifications to Congress, from October to December 2016. 

International Narcotics Control Strategy Report
March, 2017
The report, written by the State Department and sent to Congress outlines the efforts of key countries to combat the spread of narcotics in 2016.

Annual Report on Assistance Related to International Terrorism Fiscal Year 2016
February 22, 2017
The report describes how the Department of State has used various programs during FY 2016 to strengthen non-military efforts, partnerships, and capacity around the world to address evolving terrorism challenges.
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Quote of the Week
"In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist."

                              Dwight D. Eisenhower
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