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             January 30, 2017
Feature of the Week
The upcoming show of CNBC’s American Greed, airing at 10pm tonight, will feature the real life story that inspired the Hollywood movie War Dogs about twenty year-olds from Miami that shipped illegal ammunition to Afghanistan. The show will highlight the Director of SAM, Colby Goodman’s research on the use of arms brokers in U.S. arms deals.
SAM in the News
Trump Administration Reviews Foreign Aid in Obama's Final Months in Office
The Washington Post
SAM’s data on the U.S. foreign assistance budget is referenced in this article discussing the State Department’s review of all foreign aid parceled out in Obama’s final two months in office.

Pentagon Will Finally Find Out if it Pays to Assist Foreign Armies
The Hill
This article uses SAM’s data in an overview of the new Defense Department policy for assessing, monitoring and evaluating the assistance it provides to foreign militaries.
Security Assistance News & Research Roundup

News & Blog Posts
Trump Prepares Orders Aiming at Global Funding and Treaties
New York Times
This article discusses President Trump’s plans for executive orders that will reduce U.S. funding for international organizations and review all treaties with more than one nation.

U.S. Expanding Military Ties to Kenya with Sales, Donations and Training
Business Daily
This article describes the U.S. commitment to assisting Kenya’s Defence Forces to enhance security and diminish the threat posed by al-Shabaab.

Trump’s First Arms Sales, Holdovers from the Obama Era, are Business as Usual
The Washington Post
This article states that the first major arms sales of the Trump administration had been in the pipeline for months and suggests continuity in U.S. foreign arms sales.

Trump and the Return of Private Military Contractors
This article provides an overview of the use of private military contractors and what their role might look like under Trump’s administration.

Research & Analysis
Overseas Contingency Operations: OMB and DOD Should Revise the Criteria for Determining Eligible Costs and Identify the Costs Likely to Endure Long Term
United States Government Accountability Office
This report provides a review and assessment of the Defense Department's use of overseas contingency operations funds.

The Challenges of Building the African Peace and Security Architecture
Institut de recherche stratégique de l’Ecole militaire (IRSEM)
This paper provides an analysis of reasons that push African states to accept a dependency relationship.

The Gradual Emergence of Second Generation Security Sector Reform in Sierra Leone
Centre for Security Governance
This paper argues that second generation models offer a new direction and opportunities in the security sector reform process where orthodox interpretations fall short of achieving systemic change.
Data Fact of the Week
According to the New York Times, the Trump administration is exploring drastic cuts to U.S. funding for United Nations peacekeeping operations, which total over $2 billion per year over the past few years. Here’s a breakdown of how much the United States plans to provide to certain UN peacekeeping operations around the world in FY 2017.
From the U.S. Government

Commerce Department Notification
U.S.-India Partnership: BIS Establishes Licensing Policy of General Approval, Expands Validated End-User Program
January 19, 2017
The Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) published new regulations that establish a licensing policy of general approval for exports or reexports to, or transfers within, India for most military, satellite and other items subject to the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) that do not involve weapons of mass destruction.

Defense Department Notifications
Government of Kuwait – Sustainment and Contractor Logistics Support for AH-64D Apache Helicopters
January 23, 2017
The estimated cost is $400 million.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – 74K Persistent Threat Detection System (PTDS) Aerostats
January 23, 2017
The estimated cost is $525 million.

Kuwait – AIM-120C-7 Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missiles (AMRAAM)
January 23, 2017
The estimated cost is $110 million.

United Kingdom – Continuation of C-17 Logistics Support Services and Equipment
January 23, 2017
The estimated cost is $400 million.

Government of Kenya - Air Tractor Aircraft with Weapons and Related Support
January 19, 2017
The estimated cost is $418 million.
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