CFP's January Newsletter
Happy New's to 2016!

Transformation Challenge:
Mark your calendar...again!

Due to the holidays, vacations, and unexpected unavailabilities for some of our interested challengers, we have decided to postpone our "Transformation Challenge".  

We will now begin
 Saturday, February 6th at 9AM! We would like to say thank you to those who were ready to be there this weekend, but we're also excited to offer it at a time when more folks will be in town for it! If you're interested in joining, let us know here!

Article of the Month

By Jack Arnow, PCC
Several months ago, inspired and guided by Paul Wade’s Explosive Calisthenics, I started training for the “suicide jump." From a standing position with a stick between my outstretched hands in front of my thighs, the goal is to jump over the stick which ends up behind my thighs. Most of my best friends advised me not to train for the “suicide jump,” as they assumed injury was extremely likely for a 72 year old. There was much truth to their assertions, but I decided to train anyway. I thought the joy of training was worth the risks. It was! I trained extremely carefully, discovering ways to...
read complete blog post!

Give it a read and let us know what you think! And remember, "Have fun and practice one rep at a time."
--Jack Arnow


Members of the Month

   We wanted to take a minute and let you know a few reasons why we've selected Larry & De Ann as our members of the month! Larry and De Ann have both put in the effort and determination that has not only inspired the CFP team, but will hopefully continue to inspire other CFP members as well.
   During his time here at CFP Larry has increased his overall strength, and has improved his movement and flexibility as well. Larry is working out consistently every week, but he is not just exercising--he is leading as an example by regularly playing pickleball and swimming, each twice per week, putting the skills he has developed from training in to practice!
   In addition to Larry, De Ann has made great strides in both her commitment inside and outside of the gym, also playing pickleball multiple times per week. She's made great strides with her eating habits at home, too. De Ann has also successfully recovered from several long standing injuries, including reducing her visits to the chiropractor. She has also achieved great progress in her body composition! It's because of all these reasons, we've selected both Larry & De Ann as our members of the month!


 Meet De Ann! 

How long have you been strength training at CFP? January 2015
What is your proudest accomplishment so far?
 I have two, a full push-up that is in correct form, without chicken arms. And my other is a double dead lift at 40kg.
What are your current goal(s) you'd like to achieve in the next 3 months? Tighter abs.
What is one goal you'd like to achieve over the next year? Pull up with my body weight.
What is your favorite cheat food, drink? Chocolate chip cookies and/or an order of french fries dipped in a vanilla shake.
Most "love it or hate it" exercise? Love it: Two arm dead lifts, Hate it: Hinged one legged open hip exercise while holding on for support, they suck.
How many days per week do you strength train at CFP? 3 times per week.
What do you do for exercise outside of CFP # times per week? I play pickle ball twice a week and/or ride a stationary bike.
Which habits (pick 1 or 2) do you most attribute your continued success to? Working out at lunch time.
Favorite ability you’ve gained from your training? Stability and mobility in my left leg after knee surgery.

  Meet Larry!  
How long have you been strength training at CFP? Since January
What is your proudest accomplishment so far? Just having stuck with it for an entire year.
What are your current goal(s) you'd like to achieve in the next 3 months? Undecided
What is one goal you'd like to achieve over the next year? I'd like to develop the ability to squat down and be  able to stay there and perform a chore.
What is your favorite cheat food, drink? Milkshake
Most "love it or hate it" exercise? Love it = Bottom up press, Hate it = Knee tucks
How many days per week do you strength train at CFP? 2 days per week
What do you do for exercise outside of CFP, # times per week? Swim three times per week, play pickle ball two to three times per week.
Which habits (pick 1 or 2) do you most attribute your continued success to? Being willing, consistent and gradually progressing.
Favorite ability you’ve gained from your training? The ability to bend over and pick something up off the floor without bracing against anything.

CFP's Bodyweight Training Progressions
a.k.a. "the Road-Map to Uber-Strength"
I don't know about you, but we love to hear upcoming news and be on the "inside" of anything that may be new here at CFP. We'd like you to feel included and to be a part of this community as much as possible. One way we will try to do that is to include you on the new-need-to-know news. Also, it's fun to share what we're working on and how we are constantly striving to provide the very best results-enhancing service for you!

Remember those terrible quality black and white images that were so horribly taped to our chalkboard wall? Well, we've been receiving a lot of questions from members about where they went to! The answer is HERE! We are creating a poster that includes all of the different bodyweight training progressions we practice here in the gym day in and day out! It will also be made available in .pdf format for those of you who want to take your training on the go when traveling, or if you just want to get an extra workout in on your own. Stay tuned, it's coming soon! 
CFP's Bodyweight Training Progressions >> Poster Size!
Here's a quick glimpse at our work in progress...


1. CFP has a new Membership Rewards Program that's totally awesome, and FREE to all CFP members! Use it to get some great free stuff, just by continuing to do things that you already do here at the gym on a daily basis. 

2. Through Perkville you'll be able to earn points through various means, including things as easy as creating a login, checking in through Facebook, having a birthday, showing up to your scheduled training sessions, and referring your friends/family and telling them how much you love your training! Other ways to earn points include things like maintaining consistency in your exercise program over a long period of time, being adherent to your nutrition program goals, and even earning your name on the exercise Wall of Fame board!.

3.  Either way, you'll earn points that you can redeem for awesome PERKS, including our smallest items like a CFP bracelet or a decal sticker. Larger earnings include additional free training sessions, free nutrition coaching sessions and eventually free CFP branded t-shirts and sweatshirts!

4. Any way you look at it, we're trying to find a way for you to redeem your hard work for some fun goodies in return!

5. To begin the sign-up process, click on the Perkville Logo above, or click here to get started. When creating your login information, please use the SAME email address you've created through MindBody (the same email address you gave us when you became a member at CFP). This is very important because Perkville and MindBody work TOGETHER! Woo-hoo!

6. If you don't want to sign up now, keep an eye out for an upcoming email invitation to join Perkville and you can start earning points through your participation inside and outside of the gym!
Thank you.
To all our CFP members who spoiled us this holiday season, thank you. Your thoughtfulness and thankfulness was seen and felt! Also a BIG thank you to all who attended our CFP Holiday Party! It was truly a blast and it will definitely become a yearly tradition here at Constant Forward Progress. If you didn't get a chance to see our pictures from the event, click on this link to view our Facebook page and take a look---you might even find yourself. Again, thank you to all and cheers to 2016!!
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