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CFP November to Remember Newsletter.

If you're reading this, congratulations! You've now entered the CFP Newsletter Group. We hope to connect, share and provide a space to communicate more with our clients, colleagues, friend, and fans. Have a suggestion? Have something to share? Let us know on our Facebook page! We'd love to hear from you.

Upcoming Events!
  • CFP's First Annual Holiday Ugly Sweater Party, 12/4/2015, Friday, @7-9pm: -Dinner will be catered by Baja Fresh, bottled water and other tasty holiday beverages included! Please RSVP here, so we know how much food to prepare!                            
  • Children, friends, and family are ALL invited!
  • Holiday ugly sweater contest: Sweaters will be judged on their level of ugliness, *Ugly sweaters do not need to be themed after any particular holiday, all are welcome*
  • White elephant gift exhange: Bring a gift to exchange, can be new or used, but have a valuation of no more than $5.00. Two exchanges maximum before a gift becomes "frozen" and unable to be exchanged!  *Participation is optional*-You won't want to miss it, trust us!
  • Introducing Perkville, CFP's new member rewards program, coming December, 2015!
  • Earn points for attending your training sessions, reaching new goals, referring new members, and leveling up your strength!
  • Redeem your points for CFP Swag, supplements and additional training sessions.
  • The Big Fitness Challenge: Coming January 1, 2016! More details to come in December's newsletter!

CFP's Members of the Month

We want our community to grow together in strength. One way we are hoping to help you to grow and connect with other CFP members is by getting to know one another a little bit better! Every month we will interview our latest "Members of the Month" this month we are featuring Rick and to Leaha, two individuals who have epitomized consistency and hard work, both inside and outside the gym! 

Rick McClain:

We've chosen Rick as our male member of the month because of his diligent work ethic. When he is in the gym has an attitude of a student and is always willing to learn new exercises. Rick is inspiring to other clients and strives to have the best form he can! Rick is not only encouraging as an athlete in the gym, but he is active outside of the gym as well. Here's a little bit more about Rick:
--How long have you been strength training at CFP? 10 months
--What is your proudest accomplishment so far? Losing 11lbs of body fat while gaining 6 pounds of muscle in a 6 week period.
--What are your current goal(s) you'd like to achieve in the next 3 months? Staying on track and not gaining fat through the holidays. Really want to start the new year improving from where I am at today.
--What is one goal you'd like to achieve over the next year? Would like to do a set of 5 full pull ups and a hand stand push up.
--What is your favorite cheat food, drink? I have two - Chocolate and Ice Cream. Can't get that afternoon chocolate or evening ice cream craving to go away. I guess I now have a bit of understanding what a smoker goes through trying to quit....
--Most "love it or hate it" exercise?  I really like a lot of the exercises we do. Probably my favorites are the complexes or the ending metabolic ropes or kettle bell swings. I get a good sweat and elevated heart rate on those.
--How many days per week do you strength train at CFP? What do you do for exercise outside of CFP, # times per week? I work out 2-3 times a week at CFP depending on if I'm traveling or not. I try to hit 2-3 times at home or other gym but don't always get that much done. I like to run, do complexes, bike or body weight exercises when I'm not at CFP.
--Which habits (pick 1 or 2) do you most attribute your continued success to? 1) Consistency in the strength training. I've trained for triathlon, marathon, did P90X and frankly never have seen the changes in body composition that I have seen working out at CFP. 2) With Bret's guidance, I've been able to eliminate most starchy carbs and dairy. Its been good because I have replaced them with a lot more protein and tons of veggies.
--Favorite ability you’ve gained from your training? I have significantly reduced my nagging back problems. That's huge as I'm a pretty active guy.
--Anything else you would like to include about yourself? It's been a lot of fun working with Bret and Megan. They have created a great facility and experience of camaraderie and accountability among their clients. Bret has done a great job teaching the right mechanics which has given me a great deal of confidence as I have progressed. 

Leaha Wirth:

We've chosen Leaha as our female member of the month because she is a leader in inspiring other women to be strong and get fit, inside and outside of the gym. She works hard, has strong determination and we love how she pushes her own boundaries for gaining strength! Here's a little bit more about Leaha:

--How long have you been strength training at CFP? Nearly 2 years.
--What is your proudest accomplishment so far? Mass quantities of uneven push ups.
--What are your current goal(s) you'd like to achieve in the next 3 months? Master a pull up, accomplish first handstand push up.
--What is one goal you'd like to achieve over the next year? I want to progress through the body weight strength exercises and hopefully be ready at some point for one-arm work.  I’d like to begin to prepare to potentially participate in masters track when I turn 50.
--What is your favorite cheat food? Brownies
--Most "love it or hate it" exercise? I hate pull ups. They are killing me.
--How many days per week do you strength train at CFP? What do you do for exercise outside of CFP, # times per week? I strength train a minimum of 2-3 days/week at CFP. Outside of CFP, I occasionally run and play golf at least once/week
--Which habits (pick 1 or 2) do you most attribute your continued success to? Never giving up - even at things that I think I’m not good at, and working on my stretches and functional movements on off-training days.
--Favorite ability you’ve gained from your training? Turkish Get-ups. They are just flat awesome.
--Anything else you would like to include about yourself? I cook the meanest chicken enchiladas in town. Ask all the neighbor kids.

Wall of Fame:
If you haven’t noticed yet, we encourage you to take a peek on the top of our chalkboard wall at the Wall of Fame. If you can’t find it, look for the bright yellow stars that surround it! The wall of fame was inspired as a way to MOTIVATE our clients to do GREATER things at the gym.
We want to recognize the clients who have worked consistently and purposefully to earn the ability to perform one or more of the exercises below. We also wanted to create realistic, measurable and attainable goals that clients could work towards here at CFP.
Treat the standards listed below as a competition with yourself to see how far you can take your results. To reach them, it will require a combination of hard physical work, a willingness to leave one's comfort zone and learn new things, a positive attitude, all mixed with a little self-belief!
We want you to become the best version of yourself possible! Earning the ability to perform the above movements, at any of the three standards, is a good demonstration of achieving excellence.

There are three standards for each exercise. The first level (C) will be very doable for most people given enough time, and it is our goal to help each of our members reach that point for each of the below movements. With some belief, desire, and consistency, you'll get your name up on that board! Simple, but never easy.

-Push Ups:
Men A: x5 One Arm Push up
Men B: x25 ea Uneven Push up
Men C: x40 Full Push up

Women A: x1 One Arm Push up
Women B: x25 Close Push up
Women C: x40 Knee Push up


Men A: x5 Body Weight
Men B: x5 @90% Body Weight

Men C: x5 @85% Body Weight

Women A: x5 Body Weight

Women B: x5 @90% Body Weight

Women C: x5 @80% Body Weight


-Pull Ups Men:

Men A: x1 One Arm Pull Up

Men B: x10ea Uneven Pull Up

Men C: x10 Pull Ups

Women A: x10 Close Pull Ups

Women B: x5 Pull Ups

Women C: x15 Wall Rows


-Leg Raises:

Men A: x15 Hanging Leg Raises

Men B: x20sec Hanging L-Hold

Men C: x20 Hanging Knee Raises

Women A: x10 Hanging Leg Raises

Women B: x15s Hanging L-Hold

Women C: x20 Hanging Knee Raises



Men A: x5ea Pistol Squats

Men B: x20ea Shrimp Squat

Men C: x30ea Airborne Lunge

Women A: x5ea Pistol Squat

Women B: x20ea Shrimp Squat

Women C: x30ea Airborne Lunge


-The Century:
When a man or woman can complete The Century, they are a well-rounded athlete. In order to get earn your spot on the board, you must accomplish the exercises below in the order they are written according to the following standards:

  • The exercises must be performed in the order listed above. No exceptions.
  • Squats must be performed with a minimum depth of top of the thighs parallel to the floor and a full lock out at the top of each rep. Arms may be raised in front, crossed, or placed on top of the head. Heels must stay flat the entire time.
  • Push-up depth must reach a minimum of 90 degrees of flexion as measured along the outside of the elbow and a full lockout must be achieved at the top of every rep. A straight body position must be maintained throughout the entire range of motion. No sticking your butt into the air or leaving your hips down on the ground.
  • Hanging knee raises must be performed with the knees being raised above waist level and a full extension of the legs at the bottom of every rep. Swinging shall be kept to a minimum. Arms must remain straight the entire set.
  • Pull-ups may be performed with an overhand or underhand grip. The chin must clear the bar at the top of each rep and a full extension must be reached at the bottom. Kipping will not be allowed. (Australian pull-ups are to be performed with the bar at waist height and a straight body position must be maintained throughout.)
  • Rest may be taken in between exercises, but each exercise must be completed in a single set. You may pause briefly between reps as long as the position is held (i.e. top of push-up position, bottom of pull-up, etc.)
  • The entire test must be completed in 8 minutes or less. The reps may be performed as quickly as you like as long as all the above rules are adhered to. Form first!

Men A- 8 MINUTES: 40 Full Squats; 30 Full Push ups; 20 Hanging Knee Raises;10 Pull Ups


Men C- 10 MINUTES:

Women A- 8 MINUTES: 40 Full Squats; 30 Knee Push ups; 20 Hanging Knee Raises; 10 Rows (@ wall)

Women B- 9 MINUTES:
Women C- 10 MINUTES:

These abilities are built--not bought. With enough time, effort and consistency, it is possible to achieve some, or all of the standards listed above! And here at CFP we can help you get there!

Too Healthy Not to
Taste Recipe:

Split Pea Soup

Things you'll need:
-Crockpot & about 
8 to 10 hours (this also works as a great freezer meal!)

-4 Cups Vegetable Broth
-2 Cups Water
-PEAS! (however many you like, we used two 12oz. cans.)
-1 Package of ham, diced
-3 Large Carrots, sliced
-2 Tablespoons Olive Oil
-1 Teaspoon Thyme
-1 Onion, chopped



CFP's Winter Book List:


The Body Book: Written by Cameron Diaz, this is a great book for women (and men) who want to learn more about their bodies, and how to live a lifestyle worthy of your gifted body!
Check it out on here:

Article of Interest

Follow this link 
to view an article we discovered recently. It's an eye-opening read that touches on not only the functions of this muscle group, BUT also their importance in...
-Reducing BACK PAIN
-Improving POSTURE
-Minimizing BELLY BULGE
-Increase your LIBIDO! 

You know the ones we're referring to right? It's the muscles we continue to tell you to stretch out on a regular basis, yes the very same ones that get super tight when we sit on our butts too often and for too long...people
 like to call them your "Hip Flexors.

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