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November 2016

What Do You Know?

The two levels of brand meaning

by Jerry Olson, Managing Partner

In his book The Brand Flip, Marty Neumeier points out that people are not focused on products (or brands) per se, but rather on the meaning of products and brands.

Consumers don’t only think of a brand in terms of tangible physical characteristics and functionality, but instead are much more interested in the psychological and emotional meanings associated with the brand. How do I feel when using the brand? Is this brand consistent with my values? Does this brand help me become the person I want to be?

Brands that provide the most desirable psychological, emotional, and identity meanings will enjoy the strongest relationships with consumers and likely marketplace success.

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In The News

OZ at the IIeX Forum on Nonconscious Consumers

Olson Zaltman’s Abigail Rendin, Randy Adis and Dr. Andrew Baron will appear at the IIeX Forum on Nonconscious Consumers: How we understand, measure & drive their behavior November 14–15 in Chicago.

Dr. Baron will be presenting a talk entitled, “All That Glitters is Not Gold: Discussing False Promises in Neuromarketing.” That will take place on November 14 from 10:40–11:00 am.

James Forr speaks at 2017 QRCA Annual Conference

Olson Zaltman's James Forr will speak at the 2017 Qualitative Research Consultants Association Annual Conference January 19 in Los Angeles.  The title of his presentation is, "Memory's Murky Mysteries."

Joe Plummer wins community service award

Olson Zaltman's Joe Plummer was honored with a 2016 IMPACT Award from San Miguel Academy in Newburgh, NY in recognition of his involvement in the Academy's mission to support boys in their educational and character development.

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